the new eco mode boosts system performance, here’s how to activate it

Windows 10 welcomes a new feature dedicated to the task manager: eco mode. This function allows to limit the consumption of resources by certain running processes, and to prioritize the others, those which really need all the power of the PC.

With each new build of Windows 10, Microsoft is enriching its operating system with features, while obviously correcting bugs and closing security holes. The latest build that has just been released by the Redmond giant is full of both fixes, but also some major new features.

The build 21364 Windows 10 of the Windows Insider program has two important new features: support for graphical interfaces of Linux distributions on the one hand, and an eco mode on the other hand. For Microsoft, “this feature is useful when you notice that an application is consuming a lot of resources and you want to limit its consumption, so that the system gives priority to other applications. This will lead to faster responsiveness to the foreground and better energy efficiency. ”

In short, the eco mode, accessible from the task manager, offers the possibility of limiting the resources used by certain processes (those that you have previously chosen), while freeing up memory. Enough to allow other tasks to run at full power.

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How to download Windows 10 build 21364

To access this new option, you will first need to download and install Windows 10 build 21364. We remind you each time, but this is a beta version of the OS, which can therefore have bugs and show stability issues. If you want to test it, we recommend that you install it in a virtual machine, on a secondary PC or on a second partition (in dual boot) of your main computer.

To download build 21364, follow these steps:

  • Click on the button Start in the taskbar, then on the icon Settings symbolized by a small gear
  • Head on Update and security
  • Meeting on Windows Insider Program
  • Click on the button To start

You will then be able to preview the latest innovations of Windows 10. In order to get build 21364, make sure that the updates channel is set to Dev, always from the function Settings > Update and security > Windows Insider Program. And to download it, go to Settings > Update and security > Windows Update.

How to activate Windows 10 eco mode

To access Windows 10 eco mode, it’s quite simple:

  • Open the Task Manager, either from the taskbar by clicking on it with the right button, or by simultaneously pressing the keys [CTRL] + [ALT] + [SUPPR]
  • Eco mode is accessible either from the tab Process, or from the tab Details
  • Click on a process running or in the background using the right button
  • In the list of available actions you should find the new eco mode

Note, however, that Windows 10 eco mode is currently reserved for some Dev channel testers. It will then be deployed for all users of the Windows Insider program. And it will of course be released in the next big Windows 10 update, the 21H2, scheduled for fall 2021. Therefore, even if after having the Windows 10 Dev preview you still do not have access to this new one. mode, no worries: wait a few more days, it should not take long to point the tip of his nose.

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