The most popular educational apps for Android devices 2023


The apps that allow you to organize the class, expand your knowledge, and even put it to the test are the most downloaded on Google Play. The application store for Android tablets and smartphones, Google Play, has thousands of options: games, social networks, and lifestyle apps are usually the most sought-after. But some specially designed educational apps also sneak into the lists of the most popular. Teachers, students, and parents from all over the world opt for educational apps that facilitate communication between them, help them review the knowledge acquired in class, and even put it to the test. These are the most downloaded!


It is one of the most popular alternatives among teachers for their students to review and test curricular knowledge. With it, questionnaires are created that simulate a question-and-answer contest, thus adding the gamification component in the classroom. Each of the students accesses the exercise from their tablet, mobile phone, or computer and, once the game is over, everyone can see the results of the class.

Class Dojo

It is a platform designed for teachers to manage their classes and their groups of students, thus creating a community. To reinforce a positive environment, they include a gamification component that also stimulates participation and good behavior in the classroom. In this way, a communication channel is created between teachers, parents, and students to know the performance of the latter in the classroom, which is reflected in the form of points and badges. Thus, parents and teachers can be in tune when it comes to educating students and encouraging them to reach their full potential.


It consists of various mini-games through which it analyzes the student’s cognitive patterns to create a report in which to discover both their strong points and the weak points that must be strengthened. With this data, he develops a brain training program to test students’ critical thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills.

Khan Academy.

It brings together hundreds of courses so that students of all levels can work on different subjects at their own pace through explanatory videos and practical exercises. Teachers can act as tutors in a virtual classroom and set mastery goals for all or each student separately. The objective? That they reach the necessary level on the subject studied.

Google Classroom.

The organization of classes, homework, and even individual and collective work can be carried out with this application. Thus, teachers have more control over everything that happens in the classroom while students can communicate with them or with their classmates to organize study sessions.


One of the most popular alternatives to learning languages ​​(English, French, or Portuguese), is free and has no advertising. In it you work by units like games: for example, you lose lives with incorrect answers, and you earn points and level up when you get it right.



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