The Ministry of Youth and Sports is ready to help with the National Pelatnas title, but …

Jakarta, IDN Times – Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Zainudin Amali, revealed that if the national training (national training) of several sports branches could slowly submit recommendations for returning to exercise activities. With notes, they follow the health protocol that was published during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The man from Gorontalo said, if the Ministry of Youth and Sport is very strict in applying health protocols at this time, as has been done to several national training plates, such as badminton, weight lifting, and shooting.

“I gave an example in Cipayung (badminton), they have been confined there for three months. So those inside cannot get out and those outside cannot go inside. In fact, it can only be sent from family only after three days after it can be opened, other protocols are very strict, because if not, we will not allow it, “Zainudin said in IDN Times Fun Chat titled Automotive Sports in the Middle of the Pandemics, Friday (6/18).

1. Sports Olympics are allowed for national training to prepare teams

Indonesian weight lifting athlete Eko Yuli. (Dock

As is known, the three flagship sports were permitted by the Menpora to continue to hold the national training during the PSBB. This was done because both badminton, weightlifting, and shooting have certainly been performed at the Olympics held next year in Japan, so they need careful preparation to be able to excel there.

For other sports, some sports change training plates with virtual practice and supervised by their respective coaches. All that was done because it was very difficult to restore the performance of athletes who did not carry out intense training.

“In Olimpade sports, national training must be done, because it stops just a month, at least it takes six to seven months recovery then they choose anyway. But, there are a number of sports that are also included in the projections. Olympus does not force himself to exercise because he does not have the courage, “said Zainudin.

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2. Menpora allow automotive if you want to be the first to do activities in new normal

The Ministry of Youth and Sports is ready to help with the National Pelatnas title, but ...

On the other hand, Menpora also supports if automotive will be an opening sport that starts activities in the past new normal. He was even ready to help ask permission from several agencies until the Task Force.

Provided, the sport revealed the planning of activities and the application of health discipline.

“If something is lacking, it will definitely be rejected by the Task Force and the Ministry of Health. We will help as stated. It has been proven that three sports have asked for help before. We then submit to the Task Force related to the health protocol and clear planning, because there is the agreement, how to request with all of us is carried out and monitored, “he explained.

3. Menpora prepare three phases in restarting sports activities in the new normal era

The Ministry of Youth and Sports is ready to help with the Pelatnas title, but ...  Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali during a visit to Unesa’s sports facilities on Monday (17/2). IDN Times / Tarida Alif

Previously, Menpora Zainudin Amali revealed health protocols in reviving youth and sports activities. According to him, in restarting national sports activities in new or normal times new normal, will be divided into three phases.

As is known, on Thursday 11 June 2020 Menpora issued Decree number 6.11.1 / Menpora / VI / 2020 concerning Protocol for Prevention of Coronavirus Disease Transmission (COVID-19) in Youth and Sports Activities in Supporting the Continuation of Activity Recovery through Adaptation of Lifestyle Changes in the Normal Order New.

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