the manufacturer returns 20 years later with a graphics card and a smartphone, the joke of the year

3dfx is a name that speaks to older people. The legendary graphics card company is making a comeback by announcing six new products via a sad PowerPoint. Among the novelties, a single GPU, a tablet, a TV… This announcement leaves doubts about the credibility of the company.


If you were a PCist in the late 90s, the name 3dfx is bound to speak to you. This company specializing in graphics cards (the famous Voodoo) disappeared in 2000, bought by Nvidia. But twenty-one years later, it resurfaces and announces six new products. The big surprise is that graphics cards are no longer at the center of its strategy. The other is that everything looks to be a big joke.

The big comeback of 3dfx has been at the center of rumors for some time now, and it’s now official. The firm announced with “great fanfare” its return… via a Twitter thread dotted with slides Power point. A curious strategy and, let’s face it, a little sad. More importantly, it leaves doubts about the very credibility of the company. For example, the name 3dfx has not been registered in the United States and technically, it doesn’t exist. Even more, the announcements which follow are puzzling.

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Let’s admit, however, that this company is telling the truth and take a closer look at what it wants to share with us. 3dfx will he sign his comeback? There is little chance, at the sight of the ads.

3dfx announces a smartphone, a TV, a tablet …

So it was on Twitter that a PowerPoint document of infinite sadness was shared. In total, eight slides which explain to us the why and how. 3dfx has not existed since 2000, but a visual tells us that in July 2021, Jansen Products (based in San Francisco) bought out its intellectual property. However, just like 3dfx, Jansen Products does not exist, as it has not been registered and does not have an office in the city. Strange. The only Jansen Products you will find so far is a Belgian construction company …

3DFX Twitter

Jansen Products explains that he wants to surprise the world by putting 3dfx back in the spotlight and no longer focusing only on graphics cards. Six new products are therefore in the pipes. A Voodoo 6 PCI graphics card (!), A smartphone, a connected speaker, a Home Cinema, a tablet (128 GB, it is specified in the advertisement) as well as a Smart TV. Just that.

3DFX Twitter

3dfx has a business plan too ambitious to be credible

A very (too) ambitious plan justified by the need to become popular with the general public. The next slide still leaves more doubts about the credibility of the company. It says it wants to reach more than 900,000 users, create 300 jobs and work on more than 600 projects. Six hundred. Do not go four ways, there is clearly something wrong with this announcement.

3DFX Twitter

Finally, 3dfx details its investment plan for the future, indicating that it wants to invest 10% of its R&D in graphics cards, 45% in mobility and 45% in sound. OK. The last slide is just a thank you visual that gives an email address if we have any questions, and we have some.

Suppose the return of 3dfx is real. This seems to be wobbly and above all much too ambitious according to the means invested. This may be the case, but the strategy already seems very fragile even before the presentation of the first product. This announcement is, however, likely to be a big joke, a big troll to drive old fans crazy and make journalists write. Neither Jansen Products nor 3dfx exist and more, this whole announcement feels like a comeback parody. Is it a smart kid who wanted to brighten up this dreary beginning of August a little? In any case, it looks a lot like it.

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