The Line: Brazilian narrative in virtual reality is finalist at Emmy 2020

On the tracks of a miniature city of São Paulo in 1940, a delicate and engaging love story between a newspaper delivery man and a florist has just placed Brazil among the finalists of the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards, the main global award given to works and professionals from the television industry, which this year will be held in September.

Directed by Ricardo Laganaro, produced by the studio ARVORE and with voices by Rodrigo Santoro (English) and Simone Kliass (Portuguese), “A Linha” is an interactive narrative in virtual reality (VR) totally thought and developed to be told in this format. The work innovates by allowing the user to interact with the experience using their own body instead of controls and is a gateway for the general public to experience VR technology.

The Line / Reproduction

“A Linha” reaches the Emmy as a finalist in the “Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media” category, which rewards companies or people responsible for creating notable and impacting interactive programs or works that expand the concepts of art and science in interactive media and demonstrate mastery format, significantly elevating the user experience.

“Being recognized by the Academy of Television is an honor that can give Brazil the chance to be a protagonist in a new language within virtual reality. ‘The Line’ represents the most advanced in the use of embodied immersion in interactive narratives. The user’s body replaces the control and the movements not only unfold the story, but inspire an intentional self-reflection ”, said Ricardo Laganaro, director of“ A Linha ”.

Awarded “Best VR Experience” at the 76th Venice Film Festival, “A Linha” puts the human being at the center of the narrative and tells a universal love story with additional layers of meaning and understanding, especially about routine and fear of change. Full of emotions, it also combines the physical interaction of virtual reality with technical and conceptual innovations that make your artistic choices possible. The work is the first experience launched commercially for Oculus Quest using the new hand tracking feature (hand tracking), expanding the user’s immersion and their sense of participation in the plot.

“Virtual reality is a powerful way to tell a story and we are discovering new ways to do that. ARVORE has invested a lot in exploring the possibilities of this media and trusts that “A Linha” is an important step to bring this type of experience to an ever-increasing audience ”, said Ricardo Justus, CEO of ARVORE.

Pedro and Rosa

The protagonists of “A Linha” are Pedro and Rosa, two miniature dolls perfect for each other, but who are reluctant to overcome their own limitations and live a love story. In the approximately 15 minutes of the experience, the user is transported to a miniature version of São Paulo in the 1940s, a charming scenario in which Pedro, a newspaper delivery man, repeats the same route every day during his work. At each cycle, however, the character allows himself a short escape to pick a yellow flower and leave the florist anonymously for Rosa.

The LineThe Line / Reproduction

Everything always happens in the same way until the yellow roses are gone. Pedro is then forced to face his greatest fear: choosing another path to try to find new flowers. This small and daring attitude completely overturns Pedro’s private universe, who starts to see his world from a different perspective and subtly loads the user into the middle of a great impasse created by the change in routine.

“We adopted references and aesthetics of Brazilian culture to explore a regional narrative with universal conflicts. ‘The Line’ reflects the characteristics and peculiarities of its environment, but within a context familiar to people from anywhere in the world ”, comments Laganaro.

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