The Last Of Us 2: When will Online Multi Mode arrive?

All the info regarding The Last Of Us 2’s online Multi mode!

Fans of The Last of Us 2 are on the moon now that the long-awaited sequel is out. But we still wonder if and when a mode multi for The Last of Us 2 will be available. Given that The Last of Us included both a single player story campaign and a multiplayer option. Most players expected The Last of Us 2 be identical.

The original The Last of Us had a multiplayer mode thanks to its bundle of DLC Factions. Which allows players to lead a group of survivors and compete against other factions to survive. Players can side with Fireflies or Hunters. And use a combination of strategy and skills to get out alive in the post-apocalyptic context.

Players enjoyed the additional gaming experience offered by The DLC for The Last of Us, which led many to wonder if a multiplayer mode similar will be available in The Last of Us 2. But this is clearly not the case, as the game currently only allows players to play story mode solo. To find out the explanation for the end of The Last Of Us 2 it’s here. However, this does not mean that a mode multi in The Last of Us: Part 2 is completely out of the game.

What did the developer of The Last Of Us 2 communicate?

The Last of Us 2 of Naughty Dog was released on June 19 on PlayStation 4. And there is no multi mode available at launch. This is not surprising, given that the developers released a statement in 2019 saying the game won’t have a single mode. From their statement, it appears that the scale of the solo campaign and the multiplayer mode has become too important. If they had pursued the two at the same time, it would have drawn their attention too much. And potentially compromised the quality of both modes.

As we said, the solo campaign is by far the most ambitious project that Naughty Dog has ever undertaken“, Can we read in the statement from Naughty Dog, which was published on their official Twitter account. “Likewise, while the development of our Factions mode started from The Last of Us Part I. The team’s vision developed beyond an additional mode that could be included in our huge single player campaign . Wanting to support these two visions, we made the difficult choice not to include an online mode in The Last of Us Part II“.

Will The Last Of Us 2 have a multiplayer mode coming soon?

However, players should not give up hope. Naughty Dog also said it wanted to introduce a multiplayer in The Last of Us 2 in the future. Although the date and even the year are still in the shadows. “However, you will end up reaping the fruits of our team’s online ambitions, but not as part of the second part of The Last of Us. The date and place of its realization have yet to be determined“, Explains the statement.

Unfortunately, the future of The Last of Us 2 multiplayer still remains uncertain. Although Naughty Dog seems to want to develop a component multiplayer for The Last of Us: Part 2. Everyone wonders when it will be available. The first DLC for The Last of Us was released almost seven months after the launch of the original game. And given the reception of Factions, it would be surprising to learn that Naughty Dog was not going ahead with a multiplayer mode.

At least the promise that the multiplayer mode will be launched in the future means that fans of The Last of Us 2 always have something to look forward to. Even if the rest is finally out. And as Naughty Dog implied that the multiplayer mode will be just as extensive and detailed as the campaign for a single episode. It might seem like a completely separate game when it finally launches. Until then, speculation will continue about when the multi mode from The Last of Us 2 will finally be available.

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