The Last Of Us 2: Explanation of Tommy, His History etc.

All the info regarding Tommy’s character in The Last Of Us 2!

Joel Miller may have been the protagonist of The Last of Us. But his younger brother Tommy plays an important role in The Last of Us 2. In fact, without Tommy, many events in The Last of Us: Part 2 would not have happened. The game is already available in France.

In the original game, players travel with Joel as he attempts to transport Ellie safely to the Fireflies. How Ellie is immune to zombie bites. The Fireflies need it delivered to them alive. In The Last of Us 2, players then travel with Ellie. As she faces the fallout from what happened at the end of the original game.

Tommy Miller, Joel’s brother is an important character in the franchise The Last of Us: Part 2. And his actions are the catalyst for many points in the plot of the series. However, he doesn’t spend as much time on the screen. Some players do not realize how very detailed and sad his story is. But like all survivors from the post-infected world of The Last of Us, Tommy had to overcome a lot to survive.

Tommy’s story in The Last Of Us 2

Tommy appears in both The Last of Us and The Last of Us 2. But it has a more important role later. If Tommy hadn’t tried to avenge the death of his brother. Ellie and Dina wouldn’t have come after him. However, we can understand that Tommy felt compelled to take revenge on Joël. In the first game, the players learn that Joel basically raised his younger brother while growing up in Texas. Which led them to become extremely close. Tommy, who worked in construction before the infection, played a key role in helping Joel raise his daughter Sarah as a single father. Images of Tommy spending time with Joel and Sarah is in the girl’s bedroom at the start of The Last of Us.

Tommy is one of the first non-playable and recurring characters that players discover in The Last of Us. He leaves his brother with a bunch of missed calls and texts on the day of the epidemic. And then pick up Joël and Sarah. He is by his brother’s side and watches Sarah die in Joël’s arms. After Sarah’s death and the start of the epidemic, Tommy and Joel worked together as smugglers before separating after a heated argument.

The brothers spent many separate years until Joel showed up at Tommy’s establishment with Ellie by his side in the first game. This is when the players learn that the brothers mostly split up after Tommy had enough of the criminal way of life. He also seems particularly disturbed by some of Joel’s actions and choices. Although he never explains to the camera exactly what Joel did.

He had a good progression as well as his project

During the time he was separated from Joel, Tommy was briefly associated with the Fireflies. And that’s how Marlene was able to contact Joel to help him transport Ellie to their research laboratory. After leaving the group, Tommy founded a colony in Jackson County. At one point, he married Maria, who appeared in both the original game and its sequel. After saving Ellie from the fireflies, Joel finally returns to Jackson County where they decide to stay permanently with Tommy and Maria. In The Last of Us 2, players can see how far the colonization of Jackson County has progressed, with more residents than in the original game, all thanks to its founder Tommy.

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