The Istrian headquarters has had enough: We will not wait for the National Headquarters, we have made a decision

ALL cities and municipalities in Istria must determine the possible capacities by Tuesday, ie accommodation that will be used for quarantine and self-isolation of tourists with possible suspicion of coronavirus infection.

This was concluded today in Pazin by the coordination of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Istrian County and the mayors and mayors, discussing the possibility of taking care of possible coronavirus patients during the tourist season.

“Given the situation and excellent functioning of the civil protection and health system in Istria, thanks to which extremely good results have been achieved in the past period in the fight against covid-19, our goal is to maintain these results and take all measures necessary to Istria will continue to be favorable to the satisfaction of all citizens, but also tourists who come to our county in increasing numbers, “said the Chief of the County Staff Dino Kozlevac.

Stating that they have been waiting for three weeks for a protocol from the National Staff on how to proceed in case of sick tourists, given that there are already more than 40,000 tourists in Istria, Kozlevac pointed out that today they decided to make the decision independently.

“This is especially true for those facilities that cannot plan facilities for potentially infected tourists, while large hotel companies planned to provide 10 percent of their capacity for the possible occurrence of covid cases,” he said.

Kozlevac: We can’t wait in Istria anymore!

“We are simply not able to wait any longer and from Tuesday we will have fully ready and equipped facilities,” Kozlevac stressed, expressing dissatisfaction with the work of the inspection, ie the way of monitoring the implementation of all existing measures.

These measures, he claims, are, as a rule of recommendation, quite liberal, “and people have relaxed too much after we did not have more than 70 days of infected people in Istria until yesterday.”

“These last two cases have warned us of three key measures, namely physical distance, the use of protective masks, especially indoors, and personal hygiene,” he said.

We ask the Republic of Croatia to conduct inspections in facilities that do not comply with the recommendations

Kozlevac emphasized that he would therefore ask the state to conduct the highest quality inspection in those facilities that do not comply with these recommendations, from disinfectants at the entrance to respecting the number of people entering the area. He announced a meeting with representatives of retail chains on Wednesday.

He also announced that the County Headquarters will adopt certain measures next week, which will be binding and which “will not be restrictive, and there will be no closures.”

He also reported that the County Headquarters sent three requests to the National Headquarters yesterday, to reconsider the border crossing regime for citizens of countries with extremely unfavorable epidemiological situations, after Slovenia adopted a 14-day self-isolation measure for such citizens yesterday.

We expect the National Headquarters to review the border crossing regime

“We expect the Headquarters to accept this as soon as possible, because we are threatened by one of the biggest threats related to the movement of residents. We have a shortage of medical staff, especially doctors and nurses, and given that there are people in the country who are currently not involved in health.” Kozlevac pointed out.

Therefore, he added, they are proposing that these people be relocated to tourist areas in order to cover tourist clinics, and they are also asking for the urgent adoption of protocols regarding the treatment of tourists.

The mayor of Pula, Boris Miletić, said that excellence in dealing with the corona crisis is manifested in the “universal community”.

We want to preserve the health of our citizens

“We all want to live together, we want to preserve the health of our citizens, but we want to enable citizens and the economy to function, including tourism. However, the relaxation of measures has increased risks for the possibility of transmitting the infection,” said Miletic.

“In this sense, I think it is necessary to emphasize the importance of respecting all measures of the Headquarters, from distance to personal hygiene,” he concluded.

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