The iPhone 12 is the most purchased smartphone in the world in 2021

Research institute Counterpoint Research reveals that the iPhone 12 is the smartphone that has been the most sold in the world in 2021. It is ahead of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the iPhone 13, the iPhone 12 Pro and the ‘iPhone 11. The Top 10 most popular models have only three Android smartphones: the Galaxy A12, the Redmi 9A and the Redmi 9.

L’iPhone 12

Apple has a totally different strategy than Samsung or Xiaomi. The two Asian brands flood the telephone market by releasing dozens of different phones each year, while the Cupertino company only unveils four per year. As in 2020, there will be five in 2022since four models are expected next September, to replace the iPhone 13, and a fifth was announced last night: the iPhone SE (2022), also called iPhone SE 5G.

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Yet despite Apple developing fewer smartphones each year, it is still positioned among the top three global brands by volume, based on quarters. Why ? Because each of the iPhones manages to rank among the best sellers, quite simply. This was already the case in 2019with iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 8 and iPhone 11 all in the annual Top 10. This was the case in 2020 with iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Mini. And this is still the case in 2021.

Apple places 7 smartphones in the Top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world

According to the Counterpoint Reaserch research institute, seven iPhones made it to the top sellers of 2021, leaving only three places filled by Samsung, with a single model, and Xiaomi, with two models. The competition only manages to place in the Top 10 economic models at less than 300 euros. The Korean firm is positioning its Galaxy A12while the Chinese brand places the Redmi 9A and the Redmi 9. They are respectively sixth, seventh and tenth. There is no premium Android smartphone in this ranking.

iphone 12 premier 2021 counterpoint research

All other places, including the first five, go to Apple. The iPhone 12 is in the lead. It alone represents 2.9% of the global market. It is followed by the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 2.2%. The iPhone 13 is third, despite only being launched in September. In less than four months, it represents 2.1% of smartphone sales in 2021. This promises very good commercial success in 2022.

It is followed by the iPhone 12 Pro, then by theiPhone 11 that Apple still markets, even today. In eighth position is the iPhone SE 2020. And in ninth position is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. He too should move up in the rankings in 2022. Finally, you will notice the absence of the Mini models in this ranking. There is a rumor that Apple may discontinue this model in 2022 and replace it with a “Max” model (without Pro).

iPhone 12 64GB at the best price

Communicate smoothly and quickly with the APPLE iPhone 12. Between its image quality and its powerful system, it will meet all your expectations, regardless of your use.

Step up a gear

The reputation of the Apple iPhone 12 is well established. With the release 128 Goyou will benefit from optimal execution speed and exceptional fluidity. Thanks to it, you will enter a new dimension, especially as you will be able to enjoy the 5G for an ever more efficient internet connection.

The power and efficiency of the APPLE iPhone 12 are based on an innovative element: the puce A14 Bionic. This new generation Neural Engine allows the device to go even further in terms of performance. You will also benefit from the iBeacon technologyan ultra-practical indoor geolocation and positioning system, as well as Siril’assistant vocal d’Apple.

A powerful image

By choosing the iPhone 12 APPLE, you will have a high-tech screen. Thanks to its 6.1 inches, it will offer you perfect visibility, ideal for professional use. Provided with technology Super Retina XDR, it also has a 2532 x 1170 pixel image resolution at 460 ppi that will bring out the finest details in your content. This watch OLED will be perfect for your video calls.

The most creative users will enjoy the APPLE iPhone 12, since it is equipped with a very precise target. In photo mode as for videos, it will be based on a powerful rear optical zoom and on a digital zoom ranging from x3 to x5. Note that you will be able to film fluid and detailed content even at night thanks to Flash True Tone and continuous focus.

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