The iPhone 12 is launched, Xiaomi magnifies its comm ‘, the RTX 3090 can hack everything, the recap of the week

Apple has finally unveiled its new range of smartphones, Xiaomi crashed while trying to react and NVIDIA’s latest graphics card is about to democratize hacking … Back to the big news of the week!

It’s not always easy to bounce back from the big announcements of the industry giants. While Apple hosted its traditional annual ceremony, Xiaomi angered Internet users by wanting to make fun of its American competitor. Meanwhile, Justice now requires you to provide your smartphone unlock code, UFC Que Choisir has dismantled Lidl’s wireless headphones and graphics cards are poised to make the cracking mainstream. We debrief you on the big announcements of the week.

Apple reveals the four iPhone 12s

During its keynote last Tuesday, the Apple brand finally announced the release of its new range of smartphones, the first 5G compatible. This year, four models will be won over by aficionados: a compact iPhone 12 with a 5.4 ″ screen, two intermediate models with a 6.1 ″ screen and the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6 screen. , 7 ″. Each is equipped with a Super Retina XDR OLED display, and a new A14 Bionic chip, the “world’s fastest SoC” according to Apple. Two major innovations this year: the presence of a LiDAR sensor on the two top-of-the-range models, which improves augmented reality renderings and night photos; and the MagSafe wireless charger, accompanied by several accessories, intended to replace USB-C chargers. In short, here is the price range for the new iPhones:

iPhone 12 Mini (available on 06/11 for pre-order): from 809 euros

iPhone 12 (available on 10/16 for pre-order): from 909 euros

iPhone 12 Pro (available on 10/16 for pre-order): from 1159 euros

iPhone 12 Pro Max (available on 06/11 for pre-order): from 1259 euros

iPhone 12 size range comparison
Credit: Phonandroid

The law obliges you to give your unlock code to the police

Following the Malik B. case, who escaped prison after refusing to unlock the three smartphones in his possession, the Court of Cassation decided to reverse his case by redefining the unlock code as an encryption key. However, according to it, ” anyone with knowledge of the secret decryption convention of a means of cryptology […] is required to submit said agreement to the judicial authorities ”. From now on, the authorities will therefore be able to order you to provide them with the unlock code for your smartphone, and any refusal will be considered illegal.

refuse code smartphone police offense

Xiaomi tries the troll, things go wrong

Following Apple’s divisive announcement to remove the chargers from iPhone 12 boxes to give pride of place to the Magsafe wireless charger, Xiamo wanted to turn the news to its advantage … before finally attracting the wrath of Internet users . In a video posted to their Twitter account, the brand shows that, “Did not take anything out of the box of the Mi 10 T Pro”. Only here: Apple had planned the coup by evoking ecological reasons to explain its choice. As a result, Xiaomi was accused of ignoring the environment and the quality of its products. Others have also pointed out the tendency for Android smartphones to resign themselves to innovations imposed by Apple, taking for example the disappearance of the port jack. At least we can say that if Xiaomi has sought to generate engagement, it has succeeded …

Xiaomi iphone 12

UFC Que Chooser calls Lidl Airpods “catastrophic”

Always sniffing out the good moves, Lidl announced a few weeks ago the release of its wireless earphones largely inspired by Airpods. But just days before their launch on October 19, UFC Que Chooser released a pretty blunt report on the upcoming product. “The sound is cramped, stuck between aggressive highs and bass distorted by overdrive. Headphones offer no dynamics. “ declares the association, before recognizing some qualities in them such as their autonomy of 6 hours (compared to 5 hours on average for Airpods) and their fast charging. She therefore advises to use it only occasionally.

lidl cheap apple product 24 euros

GeForce RTX 3090 set to become hacker’s favorite tool

NVIDIA’s latest graphics card shines even where you don’t expect it. The publisher of Passcovery, a program capable of retrieving passwords for Office, OpenOffice, Zip, PDR and many others, has indeed found a way to hijack technology to improve the performance of its software. The graphics card is therefore useful for bruteforce procedures, a technique that involves trying all password combinations to find the right one. Passcovery announces that it has gone from 3.4 million combinations tested per second to 669 million passwords, “only” with the GTX 1060. With these results, one can easily imagine the democratization of password cracking in the world. future, which is a good reason to ensure that yours are unique, complex and protected by two-factor authentication.

Nvidia RTX 3090
Credit: Chip Hell

All our tests of the week

On the program for this week’s tests: the Apple Watch SE, the OnePlus 8T and the Pixel 5. With its latest connected watch, Apple seeks to seduce the hesitant with an attractive price of 299 €, to which is added pleasant performance and a readable screen in all circumstances. In short, we find all the qualities of the iPhone SE around his wrist. The latest addition from OnePlus has also caused a sensation in the editorial staff with its magnificent design, the overpowering of Oxygen OS and its very attractive price of € 599, € 699 for its superior range. The Pixel 5 also created a surprise, though less positive. Google’s strategy to replace the SoC with a mid-range surprises, just as much as the disappearance of facial recognition. The smartphone is catching up, however, on its satisfactory autonomy and top photo processing. 629 € all the same.

Google Pixel 5 box

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