The Incredibles 2, a more than successful sequel [critique]

The famous family of superheroes arrives tonight on Canal +.

Your favorite superhero family arrives in your living rooms for new adventures! This Friday, May 29, The Incredibles 2 is broadcast on Canal +, from 9:05 p.m. An original program, that First had very much appreciated the day of its release, and whose criticism can be found below.

There are several logics at work in the suites made in Pixar. Toy story 2 had completed the triumph of the first, going even further, higher, making it stronger than the original film – already quite a thing. There are the suites that play with the conventions imposed by the original. Nemo was a journey into the immensely large, Dory a basin adventure. Cars 1 praised deceleration and celebrated the americana eternal, Cars 2 was a trip furious who went straight to Japan with a stall in Italy, all on a frame of spy spy film. And then there is The Incredibles 2. Not a continuation, but a continuation, an expansion. Less brilliant than the original (the effect of surprise has disappeared, the design has changed a bit, the story is less strong), but a sacred cartoon, which respects the codes and the genius of the former to the letter. How many films can boast of talking about a midlife crisis, couple issues, intimate fears, fashion faux pas and the existential terror of being parents? All of this being first and foremost an incredible blockbuster? A hilarious comedy? As well as a superhero film AND a 60s thriller? How ? Make the count: there were The Incredibles, there is now the 2.

Incredibles 2: Why the Incredibles didn’t age

Fourteen years later, Brad Bird so come and get his king of animation scepter. And to drive home the nail better (as if nothing had happened since the first film, NOTHING in 14 years) The Incredibles 2 starts where the original ended. The Demolisher attacks the city, the “super” intervene, arrest the bad guy, but break everything and are blacklisted. The Indestructible family and Frozone are therefore forced to once again put away the costumes in the closet until an entrepreneur promises to pass a law making the “super” legal. For that, he will need a very good com ’and therefore… Elastigirl. While Madame leaves to fight the bad guys, Monsieur will take care of the family: the two teenagers and a baby, Jack Jack…

History surfs maliciously on the major themes of the moment (mental load, women’s empowerment) but, by dint of sweeping away too many subjects, Bird doesn’t always get to the end of his ideas – what would we have liked to see the film of Mr. Incredibles stuck at home! It’s a bit like the political point of view that you never clearly decipher. Bird is a libertarian with strong ideas on the subject and he even made a film around this theme (the underestimated Chasing tomorrow). Here, his point of view is not always very clear: the population lives at a time of a media dictatorship (where opinion polls are the law) but no one is thinking of freeing itself from it; the superheroes want to leave the closet, but above all claim the right to be able to CHOOSE their destiny freely; and at the same time the villain (with confused motivations) wants to show people that superheroes prevent them from realizing their own lives and that they are only catharsis on which one cannot really count.

After the box of the Incredibles 2, will Brad Bird finally make the film of his dreams?

Who is right ? Who’s wrong ? And what does all this say? Basically, it is not important. What’s crazy here is the family and the staging. And from that point of view, The Incredibles 2 delivers the best action sequences seen in 14 years in any film and grabs the heights of cinema in three literally insane scenes. 1 / Elastigirl on a motorcycle pursues a crazy train (the best cut action scene of the year), 2 / Jack-Jack against a raccoon (the funniest action scene of the year) and 3 / Elastigirl fights against the Screenslaver in a cage made of neon lights and light tubes… These are moments of insane grace, rhythm and humor. There are other incredible passages in the film (M Indestructible vis-a-vis Edna Mode), but those make forget the small weaknesses of the film (a last act too fast) and remind above all that there are few filmmakers to that level of active genius. Three scenes of madness that inscribe The Incredibles 2 as one of the best blockbusters of the year. Easily.

The Incredibles 2, realized by Brad Bird, in theaters on July 4, 2018

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