The Harry Potter film by film saga: 5. The Order of the Phoenix

Harry, Ron and Hermione return at 9 p.m. on TF1.

For a decade, Harry potter has bewitched the planet. First invites you to dive back into its magical universe. It’s time for revolution with The Order of the Phoenix.

Fantastic Beasts, Pottermore, The Cursed Child… Update on the extended universe of J. K. Rowling

The story : It all starts with a trial. Harry Potter is expelled from Hogwarts, accused of having cast a spell in the presence of a Muggle. How dare he break the magic laws in this way? Dumbledore manages to convince the Ministry of Magic of his good faith, however, Harry actually wanting to protect his mean cousin Dudley from the attack of two Detractors. The sorcerer’s apprentice therefore resumes lessons, and in particular undergoes those of the unbearable Dolores Umbridge, which teaches defense against the forces of evil. Finally, in theory, because for practice, it is better to count on the lessons given by Harry in secret if the students want to succeed in their B.U.S.E.

Behind the scenes : To adapt this fifth adventure, David Heyman uses a fourth director. He does not know it yet, but this time, he will remain faithful to the saga: after The Order of the Phoenix, released in July 2007, just before the publication in English of the 7th volume of J. K. Rowling, The Deathly Hallows, David Yates will carry out the last three parts of Harry Potter, then his spin-off Fantastic Beasts. He has signed for his suite, which should be filmed in Paris.

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Fantastic Beasts: After New York, the magic will continue in Paris

Another major change, after four parts more or less faithful to the novels of J. K. Rowling, Steven Kloves leaves his place as a screenwriter to Michael Goldenberg, who knows well Yates with whom he collaborated several times, notably on the series Power games. The chief operator Slawomir Idziak (The fall of the Black Falcon, King Arthur…) is responsible for further darkening the visual ambiance of this suite and the music is composed by Nicholas Hooper. Goodbye the enchanting themes of John williams and the epic score of Patrick Doyle, gives way to a soundtrack also darker, unfortunately much less striking than the previous ones.

Reply : “I must not lie”
Failing to penetrate his memory, the punishment of Harry Potter imposed by the horrifying Umbridge is engraved in his flesh. Almost no one believes in Voldemort’s return to this sequel where the glasses wizard feels more alone than ever. Even Dumbledore, usually so quick to advise him, avoids him. The icing on the black forest, our hero has nightmares more and more violent, the Dark Lord having found a way to communicate with him by thought.

This most tormented adolescent crisis is also felt visually. The atmosphere of this fifth episode is much darker, therefore, and this is accentuated in particular thanks to the new sets. Those of the Ministry of Magic are particularly oppressive, with their black walls and endless corridors.

Fate : “Expecto Patronum”
We didn’t choose him for The Prisoner of Azkaban, then here is the spell allowing to cast a Patronus, this animal spirit made of light capable of repelling the Dementors. Shading prohibiting her students from practicing the spells she teaches them, Harry takes over on Hermione’s good advice and organizes clandestine training. He turns out to be an excellent teacher, who allows his “pupils” to surpass themselves, notably Neville and Luna.

The scene : The Quidditch scene? Okay, this is just a bad joke, The Order of the Phoenix being the first episode to completely sacrifice Muggle favorite sport. David Yates and his team had to overshadow entire swathes of the novel, both the narrative of J. K. Rowling is dense, and that’s how the Quidditch practice got hit hard.

The death of Sirius is undoubtedly the most striking sequence, even if it is a little disappointing compared to the shock felt by reading the book. The battles between members of the Order and Death Eaters are fast and messy, so that the mortal spell cast by Bellatrix is ​​lost in the midst of the exchanges. And, as in the novel, the fact that Sirius falls behind a veil gives the whole thing a very mysterious side. What is this magic object taking away its body? Does it join souls? Some kind of Paradise? This brutal end raises many questions.

The casting : As always in the Harry Potter saga, the distribution of new roles is crucial. Imelda Staunton, known so far for its Shakespearean characters, likeEmma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh, is a terrifying Dolores Umbridge, despite her pink suit and her love for cats. Under his apparent righteousness, he is a cruel character, who hates children.

The Order of the Phoenix also marks the first appearance of Bellatrix, a particularly dangerous and unpredictable Death Eater. With his sharp voice and his crazy look, Helena Bonham-Carter offers a completely crazy interpretation. No matter how late she arrives in history, we only remember her.

Finally, among the hero’s allies, the introduction of Natalia Tena Tonks is refreshing, like that of Luna, a wacky schoolgirl who brings some joy to this overly serious episode. With her clear eyes constantly wide, the Irishwoman Evanna Lynch, which is the main role, plays a curious and very engaging anti-heroine. A success for the girl, who knew the universe of Harry Potter by heart.

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The Order of the Phoenix at the box office: With $ 939 million in revenue worldwide, this fifth episode represents the average score of the franchise: it is 4th of the top 8 films. Speaking of millions of greenbacks, in 2007 the main trio topped the top highest-paid actors of the year in Hollywood for the first time. Daniel Radcliffe earns 40 million dollars a year thanks to the saga and its accomplices Emma Watson and Rupert Grint 30 million each. They will be dislodged some time later by the stars of other successes for teens adapted from literary sagas: Robert Pattinson (hello Cédric Diggory!) and Kristen Stewart from Twilight, then Jennifer Lawrence, who embodies the heroine of Hunger Games, from 2012.

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The Order of the Phoenix in Premiere:

Harry Potter 5 cover

While Harry is in the midst of a screen crisis, Première calls on a psychoanalyst to study his case. Study of the mythology invented by J.K. Rowling, the psychology of the fearsome Voldemort, recurring themes from the saga and even the sexual symbolism hidden behind magic objects (broom, magic wand …): everything is deciphered within a number represented by Robert De Niro.

From this episode, Harry Potter is mainly studied in detail on The creation of the site makes it possible in particular to share exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, such as the blockbuster preview at the Grand Rex in Paris:

Our review: From the 975 pages of the book, David Yates made it the shortest film of the five: 2h18! Disdaining “uselessness” and encroaching (a little) on the sixth opus, the filmmaker finds the rhythm, sustained, from the first to the last scene. We are touched by the physical transformations of the actors, and impressed by the accuracy of the characters, old as well as new. After the magic of Columbus, the style of Cuaron, the loyalty of Newell, Yates stands out as the new maestro of the saga.
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