The Good Doctor: 10 things we want to see in season 5 of the show


Just a few days ago, the 4th season of The Good Doctor reached its end with an emotional episode, including the surprise engagement of Lea and Shaun, as well as the farewell of Claire. Fortunately, the series has already been renewed for its 5th season and seems to be on a successful streak, being considered one of the best medical series by fans.

Currently, only the first 3 seasons of the good doctor are available on the Globoplay streaming platform. While we wait for the next episodes, how about checking out 10 things we want to see in Season 5 of The Good Doctor?

10. Lea and Shaun’s marriage

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Lea and Shaun’s relationship has always been marked by ups and downs. In Season 4, this was even truer, as the two had to deal with a whirlwind of emotions as they first accepted the possibility of being a dad, only to have to deal with a miscarriage. Lea’s marriage proposal was a very welcome surprise and we hope this marriage is how the two doctors will leave the past behind and be happy together.

9. The new doctors

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In recent episodes, many residents have left the St. Bonaventure surgical program. In fact, the previous season ended with Dr. Claire Brown leaving the team, and since Morgan cannot be a surgical resident, there are some vacancies on the team that need to be filled. We can’t wait to find out who the new characters will be!

8. Morgan and Alex’s relationship

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Since season 2 of The Good Doctor, Dr. Morgan Reznick and Dr. Alex Park were portrayed as rivals vying for St. Bonaventure’s best surgeons. However, the two have engaged in an affair and decided that living together is the best thing for them. In the new season, the relationship between the two should go deeper and deeper.

7. Amazing medical cases

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It was to be expected that after so many seasons of medical series, as is the case with Grey’s Anatomy, fans were already jaded with medical mysteries and delicate situations. However, it is difficult to have a quiet day at St. Bonaventure Hospital. From terminal illnesses to surprising accidents and the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say we can prepare for more cases worthy of holding our breath in Season 5.

6. Audrey’s development

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Audrey’s post-traumatic stress disorder was one of the most interesting factors of Season 4. Being a surgeon is not and will never be an easy task, so Lim finally admitting that she has a problem and needs help was a very human aspect of the series. PTSD is not always discussed in the television universe and, without a doubt, it will be interesting to delve into its mental health in the next episodes.

5. More stories about Asher and Jordan

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Not all residents who arrived at the hospital were left in their posts. However, Dr. Asher Wolke and Dr. Jordan Allen survived their first year of residency and will be regular characters in Season 5 of The Good Doctor. Who out there is eager to learn more about them?

4. News about Claire

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Season 4 ended with Claire’s first surgery in Guatemala. Although she left the surgical team at St. Bonaventure, she is one of the medical series’ fan-favorite characters and we hope the producers don’t just dismiss her. It’s not because she’s in another country that we can’t track her career, right?

3. The friendship of Glassman and Andrews

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Glassman and Andrews developed an unlikely friendship due to their marriage problems. Although they don’t always agree with each other’s work, this approach can be a super interesting plot in the new season.

2. More details about Dr. Osma

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Could Mateo Rendón Osma be Dr. Lim’s romantic interest? He only appeared briefly in the last episode, while hosting the surgical team in Guatemala, and will also be a regular character. What do you think will happen?

1. A new pregnancy for Lea

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We know that Leah’s abortion is still recent. But who wouldn’t love to see her and Shaun’s baby? It feels fair after all they’ve been through and there’s no doubt fans would love this twist.

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