the game is ready on PC, its delay is caused by console versions

Cyberpunk 2077 will not be there on November 19, since the game has been postponed to December 10. However, the PC version of the title is ready! What causes concern to CD Projekt are the console versions, more particularly those on PS4 and Xbox One.

It was due out on November 19, but eventually it was pushed back again. Now scheduled for December 10, Cyberpunk has three additional weeks of development. Still, the game is ready for release on PC! Indeed, it is the current gen console versions (PS4, Xbox One) that are stuck, as the CEO of CD Projekt studio reports.

During a remote meeting with shareholders company CEO Adam Kiciński gave more technical details about the surprise report:

“We have a game ready on PC that works very well on next-gen consoles (note: PS5, Xbox Series). We need to finalize the processor on the current gen consoles. To be fair, releasing the game on November 19 was possible, but we think we need another three weeks to get everything ready to our standards. But here we are talking about technical details at the end of the process. “

He also adds that these three extra weeks are not trivial :

“I know three weeks doesn’t seem like a very long time, but it actually doubles our development time when the decision was made. This can help us a lot with the technical details of the current gen versions. (…) We are going to release a game which, let’s be honest, is a next-gen game. We are preparing it to run on old machines which pose certain challenges that are not going to occur on future projects. “

The game is therefore ready on PC. CD Projekt could have chosen to release it on this platform on the scheduled date. Nevertheless, simultaneous release on all versions has been favored. The title is therefore scheduled for December 10, an unusual period for a blockbuster of this magnitude. It’s also the first time a past Gold game is postponed. A Gold game is a title that is playable from A to Z and sent for pressing for the physical versions. However, many bugs may remain, corrected by the now famous day-one patch.

CD Projekt minimizes crunch

This postponement also poses the management of the crunch imposed on the teams in charge of the development of the game. The crunch is this intensive period imposed on employees in the home stretch of the design of a blockbuster. In the most extreme cases, some can work up to 100 hours per week, and this for several weeks or even several months in a row. The developments of Red Dead Redemption 2 or The Last of Us 2 have been singled out in this segment.

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CD Projekt employees are no exception, according to Jason Schreier, famous video game reporter working for Bloomberg. It indicates in fact that the studio makes its teams work up to 100 hours per week to finish the game, putting their health at risk.

An accusation brushed aside by Adam Kiciński in his meeting:

“Regarding the crunch, it’s not that bad, and it never has been. Of course, there is a story that has been blown up by the media and some people do heavy crunching, but overall our employees haven’t been crunching since they finished their jobs (…). We have feedback from the teams, and they are happy with the extra three weeks. “

A statement that caused a lot of noise, especially with the employees of the company, according to Jason Schreier. Adam Kiciński apologized, however. of this outing in an internal email sent to its teams:

“I didn’t want to comment on the crunch, but I did. I did it in a degrading and hurtful way… What I said was not an unhappy exit, it was just wrong. “

One thing is certain, Cyberpunk 2077 will still be talked about for a while and its release becomes more and more painful for the Polish studio. Because in addition to this story of crunch, some employees have received death threats from players as discontented as they are stupid.

Source: CD Projekt

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