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Since its emergence in 2016, the OnlyFans has been an increasingly distinct platform with a well-defined target audience. Today, the network offers services that bring creators and creators of adult content together with their fans, through monthly or one-time payments. But what if we go a little further?

Some say that, in the current scenario, OnlyFans is the most complete platform for interaction between public and idols. Whether due to the scope, ease of account creation, ways of communicating, personalization and, to a certain extent, security in terms of the content disclosed.

In an exercise of imagination, in a reality where content creation platforms are increasingly stagnant, what would happen if OnlyFans became a real alternative for any type of creator over the network?

Imagine with me …

Maria is a relatively successful YouTuber. It gained a lot of fame over five years on the platform, where it already has more than 4 million subscribers, but suffered a slight stagnation while YouTube went through changes in monetization, due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Carlos is a famous musician, toured all over Brazil, has a platinum record, his music is at the top of the charts on Spotify. But, unlike other artists, he is respecting social isolation and has not promoted shows for 10 months, which has caused his income to drop significantly.

Creating content in increasingly disputed virtual environments is one of the challenges today (Image: Chase Chappell)

Creating content in increasingly disputed virtual environments is one of the challenges today (Image: Chase Chappell)

Maria can activate the Members Club on YouTube and increase her profit with subscriptions from her users, in addition to monetizing the platform. But the tools are not as complete as they seem. Carlos can perform virtual shows and charge tickets, but membership will probably be low and the show will be easily hacked around.

In a phase of the world where entertainment is a vital part of social survival, entertainers can also find rock bottom and watch their sources dry up, just as it happened to these fictional characters and their possibilities.

A platform that unites different solutions can be the solution, depending on how we interpret it.

Creating online content

Receive money for each content posted, or through a monthly subscription charged to those who follow you. This is the main proposal of OnlyFans. The platform was created in London, in 2016, by Tim Stokely, with the mission of serving as a “Pay-Per-View”, or “Pay to access”, in free translation.

It was created to be a bridge between fan and creators, with monthly payment, but without necessarily focusing on adult entertainment. That changed a little in 2018, when the MyFreeCams website, which was normally aimed at nudity and other adult content, bought 75% of Fenix ​​International Limited, the original owner of OnlyFans.

Since then, the idea became popular that the site was only for adult content – and it is not for less, since the platform became famous thanks to the appeal of entertainment for over 18 years. Still, Stokely likes to reinforce, in recent interviews, that the site is open to any type of creator or artist, even citing big names from the mainstream that are there.

In fact, let’s get to this point, now, now.

How does it work in practice?

Thinking in a practical way: for many years we paid for content on demand, even before the popularization of streamings. Cable TVs are a reality in Brazil and worldwide, for example. This is the proposal for a platform like OnlyFans.

The ecosystem is very simple: the site keeps 20% of any payment received by the creator, as a standard fee. This same creator defines a value for monthly subscription, which can be in any range, from US $ 5 to US $ 50, or even for free, if the creator so decides. On the other hand, it is still possible to sell separate content, even for those who already subscribe to the service, and totally optional.

What is Onlyfans / Diego Melo / Reproduction

Created in 2016, OnlyFans grows every year (Image: Diego Melo / Tecnoblog)

Let’s say a musician has a page on OnlyFans, where he releases his songs and behind-the-scenes clips to anyone who subscribes to the service on a monthly basis. However, he can sell to a particular fan a personalized song, named after that person, for $ 50, say.

There is no rule for charging or formatting this charge. It is for this reason that many point to the trend that OnlyFans has a huge variety of possibilities, as it is quite complete. “You can send messages to your subscribers. The message can be for everyone or private. The person can talk to the idol. You can even do a draw on the platform itself ”, comments Cris Catupiry, influence marketing consultant, in conversation with Tecnoblog.

“You can make a book club at OnlyFans. The person who has a literature channel can warn in the video that in a week or two he will have a meeting about the book for those who sign on the platform. Today the site is being used, basically, for adult content, but it is a possibility for anyone who wants to create content closer to the audience ”, added the expert.

Facilities, but not so much

Catupiry also highlights the ease on both sides. “The platform is easy to connect. Connect via social networks, use Twitter or Google to login. At first I thought it was simple, but after I tested it, as it is part of my influence market, I saw that the possibilities are very great. You can release free or paid content, personalizing each one ”, he said.

And, in fact, it is simple. On the home page it is possible to create a user registration from scratch, but the Twitter buttons and Google account already set up everything, without having to worry. From there it is possible to sign any profile, looking for one or already knowing your idol, and receive the contents on the homepage and in the platform’s “inbox”.

But watch out: this is not exactly a platform for those who want to start from scratch. In a report published in The New York Times, journalist Gillian Friedman talks to people who took the risk of launching on the platform, as an alternative to the losses that the pandemic brought – such as joblessness, layoffs, cost cuts. In particular involving US workers.

According to the article, more than a million creators and creators are in OnlyFans, in addition to more than 90 million users – figures obtained in December. Angela Jones, professor of sociology at the State University of New York at Farmingdale, comments in the text: “A lot of people are switching to OnlyFans in desperation. These people are worried about what they are going to eat, pay the electricity bills, worried about not being evicted ”.

The original story cites two characters: Savannah Benavidez, 23, who won $ 64,000 from July to December; and Lexi Eixenberger, who started an account in November and, in two months, had only added up to $ 500.

In fact, as with any famous platform that is now used as entertainment, growing up can be a thankless task. If an “ordinary” person opens a YouTube channel in 2021, they will have a much harder time growing than if a big renowned YouTuber opens a secondary channel, which will gain subscribers in a matter of seconds.

There are those who win

Even so, there is space on the platform for those who already have an established career and market experience. It is the case of Gween Black, 27, who opened his OnlyFans account in 2019.

Gween is not a novice, works with adult content on eight more sites in parallel, for at least eight years, but uses OnlyFans for being “the fashion of the moment”, but the model presents her vision: “The traffic is very high, but do not think that opening an account will rain people. There is no dissemination tool within the platform, so exchanging posts with other creators is still the best way to be seen ”, commented to Tecnoblog.

Gween Black, 27, has been on OnlyFans since 2019 (Photo: Disclosure)

Gween Black, 27, has been on OnlyFans since 2019 (Photo: Disclosure)

Gween Black, who works 10 to 12 hours a day creating content for his OnlyFans, has 83,000 likes on his profile, as well as 3,300 fans, where he offers content for a $ 7 subscription. many other models already established have had enormous success on the platform, which also extends to other names, from various niches.

Actress Bella Thorne, 23, who came to record serials for Disney, joined the site in August 2020, adding $ 1 million in subscriptions in 24 hours, bringing down servers in the process – to sign your profile you need to disburse $ 10 monthly.

Other international celebrities also have, or had, profiles there, where they interact with fans, selling subscriptions and additional content: rapper Cardi B, actor Tyler Posey (from “Teen Wolf”), singer Chris Brown, DJ Khaled and, it seems that, in the future, star Michael B. Jordan, none other than the co-star of Black Panther, a Marvel Studios film. Many of these names even made the decision driven by quarantine.

In Brazil, some celebrities are already taking chances there, like presenter Pietra Príncipe, who already has an account, or Anitta, who has plans to open one. In November, Anitta even commented to the press that she was going to take a “good look” at the platform and create her profile. O Tecnoblog tried to contact the singer’s adviser to find out more, but did not get back in time to close this article.

The only detail is that these people, considered “mainstream”, do not necessarily sell adult content. Some sell sensual photos, others just behind the scenes of their main works. But they are living in the same system as the so-called “sex workers”.

Teen Wolf idol Tyler Posey is one of the stars in OnlyFans (Image: Reproduction)

Teen Wolf idol Tyler Posey is one of the stars in OnlyFans (Image: Reproduction)

“There are several personal trainers, dancers and artists on the platform, the way these people work is very different from my industry and they monetize it through video lessons, advice etc. The website has already been asked several times if it will ban sex work, but they guarantee that it will not, precisely because it was the creators of adult content that made the platform grow and be seen ”, added Gween.

For the model, it is positive to see people from music, cinema and TV on OnlyFans. “I think it’s incredible! It’s really cool to see a platform that I spend so much time being mainstream. It is a process that demystifies my work as “from the shadows” and puts it as a spotlight ”, he concluded.

Nothing for little ones

Obviously, OnlyFans can be a dangerous website for any influencer who decides to venture there. It wouldn’t be easy to control what your fan can consume, while you share the platform with adult content creators.

Perhaps the solution lies in creating a “sister site”, with the same system, but with a different face, launching plan focused on being “family friendly” and with many attractions, especially local payment.

Today there is nothing so close to this type of site in Brazil, and OnlyFans only allows us to charge in dollars, which is also a natural barrier for our currency. There are alternatives nearby, but nothing the same. Who knows, he may not be the inspiration for some big producer?

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on trends and how certain websites and services can influence others in the future – soon or distant. It is no accident that YouTube, when it created the preview of videos in the thumbs, came to be compared with another video site, but for adult entertainment, which innovated and already brought a similar tool, much earlier.

Technology is a process, a means, a set of techniques for a given achievement. Directly responsible for – even more – frank expansion of the market of influence and content creation – not violating legal principles, wherever it comes from.

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