The funny story of the Taxi saga at the box office

The first component recorded 6.5 million admissions without being once at the top of the top.

On the occasion of the cinema trip to Taxi 5 (who had recorded the 3rd best first week of 2018 thanks to 1.5 million spectators), we had analyzed the scores of its predecessors at the box office. Here are the details, while waiting to review the saga, every Thursday evening on TF1. It starts at 9:05 p.m. with the first episode released in 1998.

How does Taxi 5 manage the legacy of the Taxi saga?

1998: Taxi vs. Titanic
It all started 20 years ago. April 8, 1998, exactly, the first Taxi, produced by Luc Besson, has around 800,000 curious people moved to 400 rooms in France. A nice score! However, the action comedy carried by Samy Naceri and Frédéric Diefenthal is not at the top of the French weekly ranking. And never will be, which will not prevent it from accumulating nearly 6.5 million admissions. How is it possible ? The main culprit is named Titanic : James Cameron’s film, released in early January, continues to attract a crowd of spectators three months later. From its release in early March 1998, for 9 weeks, the romance carried by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio sold more than a million tickets per week. A huge success, which then slowly declines, but at the time of the release of Taxi, Titanic still records 844,667 admissions in 715 cinemas.

Finally, Taxi gets 4th place in the top 1998, behind Titanic, therefore, which reaches 21 million entries, but also the Cons dinner, released a week after Gérard Pirès’ film and which ends up racing beyond 9 million. And who succeeds in succeeding Titanic at the top of the weekly ranking by attracting more than a million curious people three weeks in a row. Visitors 2, released in mid-February, is also enjoying great success, selling 8 million tickets.

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2000: Taxi 2 on your mind
Following the pretty box in the first part, Luc Besson quickly launched the production of a suite. Samy and Frédéric return, as do Marion Cotillard, Emma Shoberg and Bernard Farcy, and the audience follows: Taxi 2 recorded 10.3 million admissions in 2000, taking first place in the annual top Sixth Sense (7.7 million), Dinosaur (5), Gladiator (4.7) and Toy story 2 (4.4).
The sequels often double the original films at the box office, and there, the success is undeniable: in a week, Taxi 2 had 3.4 million curious people moved to 831 cinemas (more than double the number of copies for the first episode). He is dislodged from the first weekly place after a month by Scream 3 (1.3 million spectators at the start), but at that time, the film already crossed the 8 million mark.

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2003: Taxi 3 stronger than Matrix 2 and 3
With nearly 17 million admissions combined in two games, the saga could not stop there. In 2003 comes out Taxi 3 in 969 theaters: an almost record distribution, since only Harry Potter 2 was offered in more than 1,000 cinemas at the time (Lord of the Rings 3 will obtain 993 copies in December 2003). This sequel totals 6.1 million tickets, which is once again high: it is the 3rd biggest success of the year behind The world of Nemo (9.4 million admissions) and The king’s return, precisely (7.3), and in front Matrix Reloaded (5.6 million) Pirates of the Caribbean and Pet (3.5 million each). In details, Taxi 3 however, starts below 2, with 2.2 million sold in the first week, 1.3 million in the second and less than a million thereafter.

2007: Taxi 4 doubled by The kid Marion Cotillard
The fourth installment in the saga starts beyond 2 million admissions, but will ultimately accumulate fewer admissions than its predecessors: 4.5 million in 2007. A score that will still allow it to acquire 7th place of the annual top, far behind Ratatouille (7.8 million) and Spider-Man 3 (6.3). Ironically, finds himself right in front of him The kid (5.2 million), the biopic of Edit Piaf carried by Marion Cotillard, who left the saga Taxi with the previous episode.

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