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THE Google presented, on Thursday (18), the first preview of the Android 12, but stuck to technical details when describing the novelty. Could: Android 12 Developer Preview is aimed at developers. But there are a number of features of the next version of Android that the company has not addressed, but are already known. You will see some of them below.

Conversation widgets

Android has been able to display chat messages in notifications for some time. With version 12 of the operating system, Google wants to take it a step further. The idea, apparently, is to allow the user to pin conversation widgets on the screen. Each widget can be directed to a specific contact or group.

Chat widgets on Android 12 (image: playback / XDA-Developers)

Chat widgets on Android 12 (image: playback / XDA Developers)

Stacked widgets

By default, Android allows only one widget to occupy a certain space. Android 12 should allow multiple widgets to be placed in the same area, as is already the case with iOS. The user will only need to drag each widget to the side to switch between them.

Wi-Fi password sharing

Android already allows the sharing of Wi-Fi passwords by QR Code, but in the next version of the operating system, this procedure will be a little easier thanks to Nearby Share, a feature that resembles Apple’s AirDrop.

Basically, the user will be able to share the Wi-Fi password through a button that, when triggered, tracks nearby devices and sends the chosen ones the credentials to connect to the network.

Wi-Fi password sharing (image: Playback / Android Police)

Wi-Fi password sharing (image: Playback / Android Police)

Game mode

High-end cell phones or those aimed at the gamer segment usually have a game mode which, when enabled, disables notifications, adjusts screen brightness or optimizes the use of hardware resources to improve game performance, for example.

Currently, such functions are implemented by manufacturers. Android 12 should have a native game mode.

Enhanced Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

Picture-in-Picture (PiP), a feature that displays a miniature window of a YouTube or Netflix video, for example, will be more functional on Android 12. The user can resize the window with a pinch gesture over the screen.

It will also be possible to partially hide the window by dragging it to the side, a feature that practically leaves the video running in the background.

PiP on Android 12 (image: reproduction / Android Police)

PiP on Android 12 (image: reproduction / Android Police)

Gesture to the notifications area

A lot of people are unaware that the latest versions of Android allow the user to open the notification area with a drag-down gesture anywhere on the screen (and not just at the top). But this trick works only on the home screen. In Android 12, the gesture can work on almost any screen.

Media control in the notification area

One of the new features of Android 11 is a small media player that appears in the notification area or quick settings. The feature will be maintained in Android 12, but with some differences. The user can quickly define which applications should or should not be integrated with this player, for example.

Android 12 media control (image: playback / XDA-Developers)

Android 12 media control (image: playback / XDA-Developers)

New emergency button

Another new feature expected for Android 12 is a new emergency button. If the user presses the power button five times in a row, the operating system will count down (by default, five seconds) and, if the person does not give up the call during that interval, will call 911 or equivalent service.

Android 12 emergency button (image: Playback / Android Police)

Android 12 emergency button (image: Playback / Android Police)

Android 12: when does it arrive?

These are just a few examples of what the next version of Android might bring. Other possible novelties include one-handed usage, gesture recognition with touches on the back of the phone, increased multitasking and, as usual, visual changes.

It is obvious that none of this is expected in the near future. Android 12 is in the early stages of development. For now, only the Developer Preview version can now be downloaded for smartphones of the Google Pixel line and, even so, it is recommended for developers.

The first public beta of Android 12 is expected to be released only in May. The final version is expected to be announced by Google in September. Certainly, more news will be revealed by then.

With information: XDA Developers, Android Police.

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