The Explanation in details! Who dies, who survives, why?

Discover the explanation in detail of Season 3 of Dark on Netflix! Why can’t they survive?

Dark Season 3 is available on Netflix ! It was a hell of a roller coaster, but Dark has finally ended. The season 3 of the series marked its last episode, a crazy journey that opened this complicated series to multiverses. To different versions of the same person and to truly breathtaking connections. To consult our guide to actors and casting, it’s here.

If you need help trying to understand what you’ve just watched, we’re here to help. Consider this as your guide with the explanation what the end of Dark actually means on Netflix. We cannot promise you that everything will make complete sense. In any case, we have done the best to allow you to have a detailed explanation of season 3 of Dark.

Why couldn’t Jonah survive?

Neither Jonah nor Martha can exist without a temporal paradox. We learned about Jonas’ confused origins in season 1. Mikkel Nielsen was the youngest son of Ulrich and Katharina Nielsen. In 2019, Mikkel disappeared into the woods. When he reappeared, it was no longer in the 2010s but in 1986.

Young Mikkel was later adopted by nurse Ines Kahnwald in the 1980s, who changed his name to Michael Kahnwald. This Michael is the same man who was to marry Hannah Krüger and who finally had Jonas Kahnwald. No time travel, no Mikkel becoming Michael, and no Jonah.

Why couldn’t Martha survive?

Martha’s paradoxical origins have a explanation much more complicated than Jonas’s, but nothing is less certain. It is the Nielsen line that destroys his chances of survival. Marthe’s father was Ulrich Nielsen, who was the son of Tronte Nielsen. Tronte was first brought to Winden by his own mother, Agnes Nielsen.

Season 2 revealed that Agnes was secretly a time traveler. Just like his brother Hanno, aka Noah. But only the season 3 of Dark showed the whole truth about the beginnings of these brothers and sisters.

Just before the apocalypse of 2020, Jonas, a middle-aged man, took three people with him during his flight around the year 1888. These three lucky people were Martha’s older brother, Magnus, the girlfriend of Magnus , Franziska Doppler, and Jonas’ former best friend, Bartosz Tiedemann. But the weather has not been good with Jonas. He strived to recreate the journey back in time. Failed for years in the 19th century. This is where Bartosz met his future wife Silja.

A word about Silja. At the end of Season 2 of Dark, several characters have traveled to different times than they should have. One of these characters in the first alternative universe was Jonas’s mother, Hannah Kahnwald. During her travels in the 1950s, Hannah had an affair with Egon Tiedemann. Just like Egon’s wife Doris had an affair with Agnes Nielsen. This little adventure between Hannah and Egon led to the birth of Silja.

Silja later died in childbirth, but only after giving birth to two children: Hanno and Agnes Tauber. Do you know what that means? The teenager Martha left Jonas for in the first episode of Dark? He was actually Martha’s great-great-grandfather from the start. No time travel, no Bartosz or Silja, and certainly no Martha.

Who has disappeared ?

In fact, everyone who only existed through time travel did not survive. Jonas, his middle-aged self and Adam have all disappeared. The same thing happened to Martha, her middle-aged self, and Eva. On Nielsen’s side, Silja disappeared because she was the daughter of Hannah and Egon. It also means that Agnes and Hanno were never born. And if Agnes had never been born, that would mean that her children and her successors would never have existed either. This makes Tronte, Ulrich, Mads, Martha, Magnus and Mikkel disappear. And since Mikkel no longer exists, it means that he cannot go back to become Michael Kahnwald. As a result, Michael and Jonas Kahnwald also disappear from history.

Now is the time to go Doppler. Once again, Silja’s disappearance means that Hanno was never born. This would mean that Hanno / Noah never existed and that he never fertilized Elisabeth Doppler. And like Elisabeth never gave birth to Charlotte. Charlotte never gave birth to Elisabeth. This paradox also erases Franziska.

The last person to disappear from existence is Claudia Tiedemann. It is difficult to say exactly why this is so. Claudia’s line was largely devoid of time travel paradoxes. It could just be that in the original timeline, Claudia was destined to die of old age when her daughter was an adult. Her death could also be seen as the sacrifice necessary for her to meddle in these worlds and times for so long.

Who survived?

This is the easier list of the two for the explanation in Season 3 of Dark. All those who have existed without time travel have been reduced. This includes the Tiedemann family. Egon and Doris should have led normal and long lives. The same can be said of their daughter Claudia and their granddaughter Regina.

But the same is not true for Regina’s son Bartosz. Regina met the man who was to become her husband while he was on the run. Born Boris Niewald, the teenager changed his name to Aleksander Köhler to avoid the authorities. Why take so much trouble? To avoid being arrested for murder. The only reason Regina met Boris / Aleksander was that she was fleeing Katharina Albers and Ulrich Nielsen in the woods. If half of his bullying couple didn’t exist, it seems likely that this chance encounter with a fugitive on the run would never have happened. Boris / Aleksander is probably somewhere in his home world, but he is not married in Regina.

Ines Kahnwald and Hannah Krüger are also both safe. Although they both became entangled in Mikkel Nielsen’s life, their existence never depended on him. Likewise, Katharina Alders, her mother Helene Alders and Tronte’s wife Jana should all be safe. None of their ancestors were created out of time, as far as we know. Only the Dopplers remain. We already know that Charlotte and her daughter / mother Elisabeth were condemned to no longer exist. But the same cannot be said of Charlotte’s husband, Peter Doppler, her father, Helge Doppler, and Helge’s father, Bernd Doppler.

How is Regina still alive and who is her father?

It is all a question of timing. H.G.’s family died on June 21, 1986. It was the day he first opened the portal to time travel. And two days later, he created the two parallel worlds. Since Regina was shown as a teenager in 1986, we know that she was alive before the intervention of HG Her continued existence at the end of episode 8 proves these suspicions: Tronte Nielsen was never the father of Regina.

We know it’s not Tronte. If he were Regina, he would have been erased from history like the rest of Agnes Nielsen’s children and grandchildren. Dark Season 3 never give the explanation whose father is Regina. But he gives Claudia his last wish. The final moments of “The Paradise” show Katharina, Hannah, Benni and Peter celebrating Regina’s life.

Explanation of the end of Season 3 of Dark with Hannah

To the end of Season 3 of Dark, Hannah’s friends ask her how she wants to call her unborn child. After a break, she says she has always liked the name Jonah. Despite the ominous music, it seems unlikely that the child Hannah bears from another man is the same Jonah and Michael Kahnwald’s son that we know and love. It is much more likely that Hannah gave this name to unconsciously pay homage to her missing son.

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