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The Disney + service is strengthened with the arrival of the Star section, intended for a more adult audience. The platform announces an incredible catalog containing a lot of exclusive content. But be careful, to take advantage of the current price of € 6.99 / month, you must subscribe before February 23.

Disney + will soon be offering more than family content. Indeed, a new category will appear next February 23: Star. There you will find films, series and documentaries intended for an adult audience. And the catalog announced is simply incredible (Alien, Die Hard, How I Met Your Mother, Kingsman, 24h Chrono…). But Star is not going to stop there and will also be offering several exclusive programs that we will give you a taste of.

If you want to take advantage of Star at the current price of 6.99 euros / month, you just need to subscribe before February 23. Those who prefer to wait will then have to pay 2 euros more per month or 8.99 euros.

Subscribe to Disney + for € 6.99

Big Sky, on the trail of a serial killer

Star will also be hosting a popular series, Big Sky, airs on ABC in the United States and on the CTV network in Canada. The story of private detectives who team up with Jenny Hoyt, one of their ex-wife, but also a former police officer. They set off in search of two kidnapped sisters in Montana, discovering that it may be a serial killer. The trio will then get in mind to find the identity of the suspect before new victims are to be counted. Already a season and 16 episodes arrive on Star.

Big Sky

Love victor, the series on sexual questioning

Love victor is another expected series on Star taking place right after the events of the film Love simon. We follow the arrival of Victor in a new high school called Creekwood High School. But like all teenagers, the young man has problems to deal with, especially with his family and this new place he does not know. Without forgetting that Victor wonders about his sexual orientation, but will cross paths with Simon, hero of Love simon, which went through similar questions. A series broadcast on Hulu intended for adolescents which should be a hit on Star, like the feature film, with 2 seasons and 20 episodes.

Love victor

Solar Opposites, the cartoon by the creators of Rick and morty

Here is a series that deserves its place on Star, far from the family aspect of Disney +. This series is Solar Opposites, cartoon produced by the creators of Rick and morty and just as trashy. We follow a family of extraterrestrials who, after fleeing their home planet, move to a traditional American suburb. Forced to disguise themselves as humans, they all have a different vision of our planet Earth. Korvo and Yumyulak hate the place, which they consider polluted, consumerist, while Terry and Jesse love television, fatty food, etc. Three seasons and 16 episodes will be available at Star’s launch.

Solar Opposites

Black-ish or multicultural America

7 seasons and 164 episodes available on Star at launch for Black-ish, the successful series. A series that looks at multicultural America by following a black American family. Dre and Rainbow Johnson live a good life, with beautiful children, a big house in a well-off neighborhood, dream jobs. But the patriarch of the family questions their identity in a multicultural society. All these beautiful people then decide to take an interest in their past, but also in their future in order to find their place.


We already know that some of the most anticipated exclusive programs will not be present at the launch of the platform. So, failing to have official dates, here is a taste of what Star has in store for us.

Only Murders in the Building, a comedy about a murder

First exclusive coming to Star on Disney +, Only Murders in the Building. A series clearly intended for an adult audience as it follows three people with a passion for criminal matters who will meet, bound by murder. An already intriguing synopsis and a known cast. We will find in particular Selena Gomez, revealed by the Disney team, but since accustomed to more mature productions like spring breakers.

Only Murders in the Building

Shogun, a dark series with a political intrigue

Another flagship series planned for Star on Disney +, Shogun. And it will not be run by just anyone as it is Alex Garland, hailed for his films Ex Machina and Annihilation. The man also scripted 28 days later and 28 weeks later, both available on Star. But then what is it about Shogun which remains a very mysterious project? The series tells the story of John Blackthorne, an English navigator who drifted on Japanese beaches in the 17th century. The man is then protected by Lord Toranaga, but finds himself embroiled in political conflicts. Knowing the storytelling talent of Alex Garland, novelist before director / screenwriter, is something to be intrigued with. Note that the series is a remake of that of the same name dating from 1980 with Toshirō Mifune, known for his work with Akira Kurosawa. Suffice to say that the potential is great.

The Dropout, the true story of a massive fraud

Star will also be the opportunity to discover The Dropout, drama series based on a true story, the downfall of Theranos company executive Elizabeth Holmes. The young woman, in setting up the business, was guilty of massive fraud. Theranos was a company specializing in new technologies for healthcare, promising to make blood tests less expensive with its own solution, without needles. In reality, it will be a scam, and the company no longer exists today. We know that Kate McKinnon will play Elizabeth Holmes.

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