The end of ADSL, a Leboncoin scam, the premium for electric bikes, the recap of the week

Orange will remove ADSL for 10 million French households, the French government offers € 2,500 for the purchase of an electric bicycle, a man travels 500 km to recover his computer bought on Leboncoin… Welcome to the recap of the week !

recap of the week

This week, several news items marked the end of an era. Orange, as a first step, Orange announced that 10 million homes should soon transition from ADSL to fiber. Then another source confirmed the death of the PS4 after its internal clock gave up soul. More unusual, we also mentioned this man who, to obtain compensation after a scam on Leboncoin, traveled 500 km to pay a little visit to the thief. Finally, we found a new hacking method on WhatsApp, as well as financial help from the state if you want to buy an electric bike.

This is the beginning of the end for ADSL in France

If you still use ADSL to read this article, you are probably one of the of the 10 million French households that will switch to fiber in the coming months. A colossal figure, for a site that is just as important: it is several thousand kilometers of cables that Orange will have to dismantle by 2030, so the operator can keep their promise. The latter is keen to put all the necessary means to accelerate the transition to very high speed. Objective: to double the number of subscriptions by stopping the marketing of ADSL. Four tests are already underway in French municipalities, and thousands more will soon be affected.

Source: Pixabay

Switch to electric bike, win € 2,500

The Climate Law extends its field of action to motorists wishing to convert to an electric bicycle. By swapping your old pollutant for a motor bicycle, the French government is now offering you € 2,500 to finance your purchase. A real “cultural revolution” according to Barbara Pompili, at the origin of the project, in addition to being a big step forward compared to our neighboring countries. If the Netherlands are still the kings of cycling, the help given to people wishing to switch to two-wheelers is half as important. A similar finding from the other European states. However, the text still needs to be validated by the Senate.

electric bike VanMoof S3
The VanMoof S3 electric bike / Credits: Unsplash

There are people who should not be ripped off …

… Under penalty of seeing them unload at home, even if one lives in 500 km away ! This is precisely what happened when this inhabitant of Tours killed himself steal 1000 € on Leboncoin after succumbing to a fake advertisement for a computer. After having tried multiple legal remedies, he decides to do justice himself and to go to the criminal’s home, in Haute-Saône. Once there, he breaks into the house, retrieves the computer, and drives home, adding a checkbook and tablet to his loot. Race result: The two men file a complaint against the other. The scammer gets 3 months in prison, his vengeful victim ofone month suspended.

leboncoin scam September 2020

The internal clock, that time bomb from the PS4

The PS4’s internal clock is critical to its proper functioning. Directly linked to the trophy system, it only takes one malfunction of its system for the entire console to be unusable. Curious to verify this state of affairs, a user jailbroken his PS4 to simulate a shutdown of the internal clock. While attempting to launch an offline game, he found that it was simply impossible. The console displays an error message until the Internet connection is restored. Hopefully yours doesn’t let go before you upgrade to the PS5.

Credit: Unsplash

A dangerous hacking attempt circulates on WhatsApp

Two security holes were recently discovered within WhatsApp. These relate to Android 9 and earlier versions. If you haven’t updated since, a simple HTML file sent in a conversation can damage your smartphone. Concretely, you risk “extracting protocol keys used for end-to-end encryption of user communications “, explains Census, the institute behind the discovery. Understand that hackers will be able to install malware on your phone. Fortunately, both vulnerabilities have already been fixed.

whatsapp flaw
Credits: Pixabay

Our tests of the week

This week, the editorial team got their hands on OnePlus ‘very first smartwatch and Asus’ latest laptop. The OnePlus Watch is not strictly speaking a bad proposition from the manufacturer: it benefits from a neat design and offers all the apps one would expect. However, she disappoints a lot in terms of her autonomy, not to mention an OS that is not always very intuitive. It makes up for its price: € 159. As for theAsus Rog Strix Scar 17, it shines with its 64 GB of RAM, its 360 Hz panel and the customization choices it offers. All this comes at the expense of a very substantial weight, as well as its price: € 4,499.95.

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