The driving mode of Google Assistant, the map of GTA 6 and the arrival of TousAntiCovid, the recap of the week

Google Assistant’s Driving Mode is finally here, Internet users are excited about the possible leak of the GTA 6 map, TousAntiCovid creates the illusion of change … We summarize everything you need to remember from the news of the week.

Even if at first glance they have nothing in common, some news seems to be interrelated. This week was clearly all about driving. Between Google, which is starting the Google Assistant driving mode tests, the government, which announces the presence of 400 vehicles on French roads and the leak of the GTA 6 map, we will have a hard time looking at our car in the same way this week. -end. But since it’s not all about four wheels, we’ve also heard about TousAntiCovid and the upcoming release of EMUI 11.

Google Assistant will soon be equipped with a driving mode on Android

Announced at the I / O conference in May 2019, Google Assistant’s Driving Mode has since been somewhat overdue. After several months of delay in its development, the driving mode has now been in the test phase for two weeks in the premises of Mountain View. If nothing has changed since the conference, it will be enough to say “Ok Google, let’s go drive” to activate it. The interface will be very minimalist and will be controlled by voice only, in order to avoid distracting the driver during his journey.

google assistant driving mode

400 radar cars monitor French motorists

In France, we definitely have ideas. After the implementation of the mini turret radars capable of detecting 4 infractions, it is the turn of the radar cars to enter the track. Specialized in the detection of speeding violations, there are 400 of them across the country, according to the Minister of the Interior. Among them, around forty are led by private companies in Brittany, Center Val de Loire, Normandy and Pays de la Loire. Their main advantage is undoubtedly their discretion: unmarked and unmarked by signs, they are equipped with an infrared flash invisible to the naked eye. 876,990 tickets have already been distributed in 2019.

Google Assistant Auto GTA 6 Map TousAntiCovid
Credits: Unmarked Gendarmerie SUV (Wikimedia)

The GTA VI map leaked on the net

Expected for 7 years now by players around the world, GTA VI is very stingy when it comes to information. It was hardly known last April that the game would be of a more moderate size than the 5th installment. Obviously, it doesn’t take more than a few images of what appears to be the future playing card for the Web to ignite. Especially since with its two huge islands, this one seems to be directly inspired by Vice City, one of the most popular titles in the saga. However, like many leaks in the field, this one looks like a fake. No motorway crossing the city, no small buildings, an airport in the middle of the metropolis … These are all reasons that lead some Internet users to seriously doubt the veracity of the information. We will therefore have to continue to be patient while waiting for real revelations from Rockstar.

GTA 6 artwork

TousAntiCovid is now available on iOS and Android

It had been known for a while that StopCovid, the app that “didn’t work”, needed a facelift quickly. This is now done with the arrival of TousAntiCovid, its successor, on iOS and Android. Substitute, however, she has only the name. Too few modifications have indeed been made to allow a real change. Although it is now possible to turn on and off tracing on the fly, the app still requires the use of Bluetooth in order to function. Therefore, in order to receive a notification, it will take 15 minutes to stay with someone who has tested positive, provided that they have downloaded and activated the application themselves. Note, however, the addition of a tab dedicated to the pandemic figures and another to download the digital certificate for the curfew.


EMUI 11 will finally be available on Android 11

With the Huawei VS Google saga coming to an end, Chinese smartphone users weren’t surprised to learn that EMUI 11 would be based on Android 10, although some features of Android 11 would be incorporated into the new interface. Blame it on the US government’s restrictions, which prevented it from getting its hands on the latest version of Android before it went open source. Once done, Huawei wasted no time as a new version of EMUI 11 will be rolled out to smartphones running Android 11. The Mate 40 Pro will be particularly affected upon its release in Europe.

Huawei Mate 40 Pro EMUI 11

All our tests of the week

The Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite 5G, Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G and Vivo X51 are in the spotlight this week. New entry-level product from Xiaomi, the Mi 10T Lite 5G can boast a more than attractive price: 299 euros. If one would expect to make concessions, the smartphone surprises with its 5G compatibility, its quality screen and its XXL battery. The Mate 40 Pro sets itself apart from the competition again and again with its impeccable design, the power of its SoC and its improved video sensor. However, its price of 1,199 euros will put off more than one. Finally, the X51 fulfills its role as Vivo’s flagship in the European market thanks to its gimbal technology that stabilizes images, despite an interface that lacks customization options. Price to pay: 799 euros.

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