The differences between the book and the film!

All the differences between the book and the film 50 Nuances Plus Sombres available on Netflix!

50 Nuances plus Sombres is available on Netflix in France ! This series has never really focused on the plot, but that does not mean that nobody cares about the changes made or not to each adaptation of film book. The first film was very different from the novel by E. L. James, but with James’s husband Niall Leonard. As screenwriter of the second film 50 Darker Shades and a new director named James Foley. The rest is much more faithful to the material. By comparing the film now on Netflix 50 Darker Shades to the Book, it’s clear that the following film doesn’t make any big changes to James’s novel. Which should appeal to fans of the author.

The basic plot of 50 Darker Shades view in the movie is almost exactly like in the delivered. The threat of Christian’s mentally unstable ex-slave, Leila Williams, unfolds almost the same way as in the delivered. Leila showing up at Ana’s apartment with a gun. Likewise, antagonists Jacky Hyde and Elena Lincoln are present in the film in a similar fashion. The story of Elena in the film unfolding almost in the same way as in the delivered. There are, however, essential differences between 50 Darker Shades, the film, and 50 Darker Shades the delivered. And almost all of them serve the same purpose: to make Christian Gray less of a stalker and more of a complete character.

Fewer sexual relationships

Fans of 50 Darker Shades might be slightly disappointed to find out which sex scenes were left out in the final cut. Although they were briefly shown in trailers. Fans were unfortunately not allowed sex on a pool table. The sex scene of vanilla ice cream was not retained in the film either. There is also no manual labor on a boat. No use of nipple clamps and no vibrator. It is inevitable to omit certain details in any adaptation.

The nature of Christian is changed from the book

The possessive nature of Christian is always present in 50 Darker Shades. But the less attractive quality of the character is definitely reduced in the film. For example, he does not interfere in his friendship with José, and he certainly does not dictate to him when and where she can see him. And, when it comes to Ana’s boss at the publishing house, Jack Hyde, Christian is a little less of a caveman. But it is more due to a change of rhythm of the plot than to the real development of the character.

In the book 50 Darker Shades, Christian is so upset that Ana can go to New York with her boss on a business trip. Let him use his new owner of the publishing house power to freeze their funds, making travel impossible. In the movie 50 Darker Shades, Ana insists on going. But retracts after speaking with Christian as an adult. And admits that the trip was badly planned. Christian doesn’t have to use his authority in the workplace to get what he wants in the film. Which helps him pass for a boyfriend and less for a dominant.


At the Grey’s masked ball, a dance with Ana is auctioned off for charity. And Christian buys it for $ 100,000. In the film, there is no such scenario. Instead, the film turns roles and bids Ana on a luxury trip to Christian’s vacation home. By essentially giving him the $ 24,000 that Christian insisted on giving him for his car. This change is helping to change the dynamics of their relationship. And, once again, to make Christian much less controlling than he is in the book 50 Darker Shades.

Jack’s story changes dramatically from film to book 50 Darker Shades

Part of what helps the character of Christian move from book to film is the change in Jack’s story. In the film, Jack harasses Ana and traps her in her office before the trip can even take place. The scene, which ends just before an inevitable escalation to sexual assault. Allows Christian to use his power to get rid of Jack in a more protective and sensible way than obsessive and irrational. But the filmmakers also cut out a few key details of Jack’s character. Like the fact that he sabotaged Christian’s helicopter and crashed it. In fact, the helicopter crash has never been explained. Nor even mentioned as being potentially sabotaged by a third party. It is not treated as a threat to the life of Christian, who rocks Christian and Ana in a false sense of security.

The film 50 Darker Shades ends with a threatening shot of Jack burning a hole in a family photo of Gray with a cigarette. But does not explicitly link it to the helicopter accident.

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