The death of Batman, the son of Superman, here is what Zack Snyder had planned

While still at the helm of scriptwriting for DC films, Zack Snyder envisioned two sequels to his titanic Justice League. In these sequels, Superman would become a villain, Batman would die, and through a story twist, Superman’s son would become the new Batman. Come on, we’ll explain everything to you!

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You know, Justice League’s version of Zack Snyder was released on March 18 on HBO Max. A launch that spills a lot of ink. And which raised some questions. Why is the film in 4/3? Why is the film so long? Why will there be a black and white version? And above all, why does this version exist? Such press craze on the subject obviously caught the curiosity of superhero lovers: as a result, Justice League achieved a better audience for Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the new Disney + series.

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Warner Bros could have chosen to capitalize on this media craze. But the media giant has decided not to continue working with Zack Snyder, information confirmed by the director with the online magazine Deadline. In a long interview, the latter tells how he returned to the making of his film, but also the genesis of the project, in 2015. He explains that the project did not have one, but three films. And he reveals some ideas planned for these other two films.

A scenario very inspired by the Injustice saga

And this is a scenario very inspired by Injustice that the director offers us. As a reminder, Injustice is a video game series set in an alternate reality of the DC Universe. In it, Superman has become a dictator and Batman is his main opponent. Zack Snyder’s draft script partly takes up this idea. After the first movie, Darkseid continues to want to invade Earth. During the assault, Lois Lane, then pregnant, dies when Batman was supposed to protect her.

justice league zack snyder suite injustice
Cover of Injustice, the comic book from the video game

In the pain of this loss, Superman succumbs to the anti-life equation and becomes Darkseid’s ally, and Earth falls under their combined attacks. Flash and Batman then imagine a plan to go back in time (a bit like Superman in the first movie with Christopher Reeve). In this new past, Batman saves Lois Lane, but dies in his place. Superman does not become Darkseid’s ally and rallies around him the Justice League, the Amazons Army of Themysciria, the Atlanteans of Aquaman and the Green Lantern Corps to defeat Darkseid once and for all. At the end, Lois Lane gives birth to Superman’s son. Stripped of powers, he becomes the new Batman.

The Snyder Cut is better, but it’s unofficial

Zack Snyder’s vision may not be quite in tune with the DC Universe as we know it today since the last overhaul ” Rebirth “. But she’s the one with the most consistency, which is something Marvel fans enjoy with the MCU, in particular. Despite the better reviews, Zack Snyder’s version of Justice will not be considered official, Warner preferring to leave this title to that of Joss Whedon.

justice league zack snyder cut format

Everyone will obviously have their opinion on the scriptwriting and visual qualities of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, very divisive and very controversial. But the story of the film’s genesis and this new version (which is actually the original version that was initially rejected by Warner) is as epic as the film itself. Zack Snyder will therefore no longer remake superhero films at Warner. We already know thata reboot (again?) of Superman has been entrusted to the care of J.J. Abrams. Meanwhile, Marvel continues to assert its cinematic dominance.

Source: Deadline

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