the creators assure that season 4 will answer many questions

Stranger Things is about to make its big comeback on Netflix. According to the creators of the series, season 4 will finally answer some of the questions left unanswered by the previous seasons. This is why the episodes of the season will be much longer than those of previous years.

Stranger Things Saison 4

Stranger Things is one of the most popular series in the Netflix catalog. A few weeks before the return of the cult series on the small screen, the creators of the show, Matt et Ross Dufferspoke about the direction of this highly anticipated season 4.

“We jokingly call it our Game of Thrones season because it’s so spread out, so I think that’s what’s unique or most unique about the season”explained Matt Duffer during a panel organized by the media Deadline.

Stranger Things Season 4 Will Finally Give Fans Answers

“The Joyce and Byers family left at the end of Season 3. They’re in California – we’ve always wanted to have that suburban ‘ET aesthetic, which we finally got to do this year in the desert; and then we have Hopper in Russia; and then of course we have a group that stays in Hawkins. So we have these three storylines, they’re all connected and kind of intertwined, but they’re just very different tones.”continues the creator of the series, confirming one of their sources of inspiration. Unsurprisingly, the two filmmakers drew their inspiration from the classics of the 80s, such as the essential ET by Steven Spielberg.

Despite the announced richness of this fourth season, the Duffer brothers wish that the story finally delivers answers to many questions left unanswered in previous seasons. “It’s really about revelations, in the sense that we really wanted to start giving answers to the public”souligne Ross Duffer.

“When we did Season 1, Netflix asked, ‘Can you explain all this mythology to us? So we wrote this giant 20-page document, which talked about everything in terms of what was going on and what exactly was upside down. And then every season we peeled back the layers of that onion, so to speak. But this season, we really wanted to get in there and reveal some of those answers. But to do it right, we needed time”, continues the filmmaker. Season 4 will clearly explain everything supernatural happening in the town of Hawkins. The questions evaded since season 1 will finally find answers.

Under these conditions, it is not surprising that each episode of season 4 is over an hour long. “This season the episodes are very long, so I think it’s almost double the length of any previous season”, details Matt Duffer. In the first season, some episodes only lasted 35 minutes.

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Season 4 trailer is imminent

After many teasers, Netflix will put online the first trailer for season 4 from Stranger Things this Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The promotional video will be unveiled at 4 p.m. To announce the release date of the trailer, the streaming giant placed a clock in a pedestrian street in Santa Monica (Los Angeles).

This clock is reminiscent of the one visible in the house of the Creels, seen in one of the teasers published by Netflix. In the series, the craft is somehow connected to the creatures that live in the Upside Down. This strange clock, circled by a yellow and black band, is being actively studied by scientists in the Hawkins laboratory. The scene is broadcast live on YouTube. The countdown timer, displayed in the lower right corner of the video, determines when the trailer will be unveiled.

For the record, the first part of season 4 of Stranger Things will be broadcast on Netflix from May 27, 2022. The show will thus compete with the Star Wars series Obi-Wan, whose season premiere will be broadcast on Disney + the same day. The second part of season 4 is expected from July 1, 2022. What do you expect from the new season? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

Source : Deadline

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