the coronavirus, Wejdène, and the American elections are in the lead!

Google has just lifted the veil on its ranking of the most searched topics in 2020 on its search engine. Health crisis obliges, the most popular research revolves around the coronavirus, while films like Tenet, or the phenomenon Organized band of Jul stand out.

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It is now a habit. Each end of the year, Google publishes its ranking of the most searched subjects in France on its search engine. The results were sorted into 16 categories, up from 13 last year. Moreover, the year 2019 was marked by the fire of Notre-Dame, the box of the film The Joker with Joaquim Phenix, and the grand finale of Game Of Thrones.

Before discovering the results of this year, we offer you a little trip back in time with the top researches of 2018 and the ranking of the year 2017. At the end of the article, we also invite you to discover the retrospective video of Google for 2020. As you can doubt, most of the research in 2020 revolved around the health crisis and Covid-19. Thus, the word Coronavirus is the number one topic this year, while the Covid attestation comes in second. Unfortunately, results are not surprising.

Trends for 2020

In this top you will find the 5 most sought-after subjects by the French in 2020. As said previously, the prize goes to Coronavirus, closely followed by Covid Attestation. The PS5, Sony’s latest next-generation console, makes its debut at the last position of this top.

  1. Coronavirus
  2. Covid certificate
  3. American election
  4. Coronavirus tips
  5. PS5

Most searched news

Rather amusing, the French were obviously passionate about the marital escapades of Benjamin Griveaux, the former government spokesman and candidate for mayor of Paris. The posting of several sexually-oriented videos on the web about him put an end to his political ambitions. Despite everything, the US elections and the Trump / Biden duel remained the most viewed news by the French.

  1. American election
  2. Benjamin Griveaux
  3. Joe biden
  4. Interior Ministry
  5. Jean Castex
Benjamin Griveaux
Benjamin Griveaux / Credits: Wikimedia

Most Wanted Political Figures

You will understand, once again we find Benjamin Griveaux in this Top dedicated to political figures, followed by Joe Biden and Prime Minister Jean Castex. Dictator of North Korea Kim Jong Un occupies 4th place and succeeds British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

  1. Benjamin Griveaux
  2. Joe biden
  3. Jean Castex
  4. Kim Jong Un
  5. Boris Johnson

Coronavirus research

With 2020 being marked by an unprecedented global health crisis, Google has decided to launch a category dedicated to the coronavirus.

  1. Coronavirus
  2. Covid certificate
  3. Coronavirus tips
  4. Travel declaration
  5. Coronavirus Italy
covid certificate
Credits: Government

Research related to home confinement

Forced and forced to confine themselves for several months at the start of 2020, the French had to improvise themselves as teachers, cooks, bakers when others dabbled in chemistry by wanting to make their own hydroalcoholic gel.

  1. My class at home
  2. Homemade bread
  3. Homemade frangipane pancake
  4. Homemade pizza
  5. Homemade hydroalcoholic gel

The most popular subjects around hairstyle

Confinement requires, the French were forced to do without a hairdresser for three months. In order to avoid possible hair scandals and to be presentable during videoconferences on Zoom, many have obviously gone through the tutorial and purchases box to find “human form”.

  1. Hair clipper
  2. Hair sebum treatment
  3. Hairdressing health sheet
  4. Man cut hair
  5. Hairdressing at home
Credits: Pixabay

The most popular cooking recipes

Here again, millions of French people have “taken advantage” of the confinement to get behind the stoves. Cyril Lignac is at the top of the ranking. Every day, the favorite French chef was a hit on M6 in his Tous en cuisine program, during which he detailed step by step the preparation of a dish.

  1. Recipe Cyril Lignac
  2. Homemade bread recipe
  3. Gel recipe
  4. Cheese naan recipe
  5. Croque monsieur Cyril Lignac recipe

The most popular definitions

Millions of French people have sought to learn about concepts and issues relating to the current health crisis.

  1. Procrastination definition
  2. Pandemic definition
  3. Containment definition
  4. Recession definition
  5. Coronavirus cluster definition
google procrastination
Credits: Capture Phonandroid

The most searched “hows”

With an unprecedented health crisis, an uncertain future, and unanswered questions, many French people wondered how to tell if they had the coronavirus, or how to put on or put on a mask.

  1. How to make a mask
  2. How to know if you have the coronavirus
  3. How to put on a mask
  4. How to calculate your BMI
  5. How to make bread

The most popular series and programs

After the reign of Game of Thrones in 2019, it is the turn of the French series Here everything begins to occupy the head of this top. This series proposes to follow students in their learning of gastronomy in a prestigious school. Koh Lanta is obviously there, as well as the phenomenon series The Witcher on Netflix.

  1. Here it all begins
  2. Koh Lanta
  3. Umbrella Academy
  4. The Lady’s Game
  5. The witcher

The most requested movies on Google

The film industry has been and still is severely impacted by the pandemic. Logic in this case to find at the top of the ranking, Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s latest blockbuster and at the same time, the first big-budget film released after confinement. The feature film carried the label of the movie that would save movie theaters.

  1. Tenet
  2. 1917
  3. Black panther
  4. The Gentlemen
  5. Dirty Dancing

The sports that interest the French the most

The Roland Garros remains the most sought-after event by the French, ahead of the Tour de France, or the Champions League.

  1. Roland Garros
  2. Tour de France
  3. Champions League
  4. NBA
  5. PSG-Bayern
Roland Garros
Credit: Wikimedia

Most read song lyrics

Unsurprisingly, we find in pole position the card of Jul and the 13’Organisé collective ” Organized Band“. The song exploded all records, quickly becoming the most viewed music video in France on YouTube, as well as the most listened to France on Spotify in 2020.

  1. Organized Band
  2. Djomb
  3. Letter to a woman
  4. The blue words
  5. Jerusalema

The most popular celebrities

Chef Cyril Lignac shines again in 2020 by being the most searched celebrity on Google in France, ahead of Sadek or the young singer Wejdène.

  1. Cyril Lignac
  2. Sadek
  3. Wejdene
  4. Marie Papillon
  5. Camelia Jordana
cyril lignac
Credit: M6

Most Wanted Singers / Musicians

The young Wejdène, singer of French RNB and real phenomenon on TikTok, occupies the first place of this top. The artist has since left his bedroom and professionalized with the release of his debut album on September 25, 2020.

  1. Wejdene
  2. Sadek
  3. Camelia Jordana
  4. Freeze Corleone
  5. Moha La Squale

The most mentioned disappearances by Internet users

2020 was also marked by the disappearance of great figures in sport, literature, music and French politics, starting with the death of Christophe, famous performer of the Blue Words, and Anne Sylvestre, singer of genius often compared to Brassens. The departure of basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a tragic helicopter crash also rocked the French.

  1. Kobe bryant
  2. Anne Sylvestre
  3. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing
  4. Christophe
  5. Naya Rivera

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