The coronavirus has entered tennis, and the ATP is silent

SCANDALOUS on the Adria Tour, the coronavirus entered the ATP Tour, which should continue on August 14 in Washington.

The news that Grigor Dimitrov, his coach, Novak Đoković and his coach, and Borna Ćorić are positive, resonated strongly in the world, which was practically united in criticism of the world’s first tennis player.

Fellow tennis players, journalists and commentators resent Djokovic for organizing the tournament and for the fact that neither he nor any of the participants adhered to the basic epidemiological measures. The stands were full, with several thousand people, the players hugged and kissed, and they were filmed going out at night in Belgrade, naked to the dogs, dancing wildly.

Kiefer shocked by Djokovic’s behavior

The depressed Djokovic later apologized for everything that turned out that way. His good intentions were not in question, but the realization is that the Serbian tennis player is rightly the target of criticism because he was the main organizer of the Adria Tour.

Many of his current and former colleagues are shocked by the pictures that have gone from Belgrade and Zadar to the world, and especially critical was former German tennis player Nicolas Kiefer, who was once fourth in the world.

“It is not clear to me what the players meant when they agreed to participate in that tournament in such conditions. Many of them have good advisors and I don’t understand how they could have agreed. Viktor Troicki also brought his pregnant wife to the tournament. Common sense cannot explain that. I don’t know if these guys have anything in their head other than tennis balls. The idea of ​​the Adria Tour itself was not bad, but it is in this form “, said Kiefer.

Criticism was joined by Herwig Straka, manager of Dominic Thiem, who organized a similar exhibition in his hometown of Kitzbühel from July 7-11. Dimitrov and Ćorić, who are infected with the coronavirus, should also play in that tournament, but the organizers announced that they will both be able to play if they are cured of the virus.

“Djokovic’s tournament was a good idea, but you have to blame him for what happened. He is the main culprit because he has not done anything in terms of security “, said Straka and continued:

“The biggest question is what ATP can do about it, and the answer is simple. Nothing. That tournament was not organized by ATP, and the players are free people who can do whatever they want. ”

The ATP reacted to the situation with the Adria Tour on Monday, but there were no harsh words at the expense of Djokovic and other tennis players.

“We urge all people in tennis to adhere to epidemiological measures and help prevent the spread of the virus,” the statement said.

People from the ATP hold video conferences virtually daily to keep the Tour going according to plan, on August 14th. Ten days later, the start of the US Open is scheduled, Roland Garros should, if there is no problem, start on September 20th. Wimbledon was canceled.

Djokovic criticized the US Open

The US Open will be held according to strict rules and measures, against which Novak Djokovic was the loudest. When he heard what was going on with the tennis players, he said:

“They won’t let us go to Manhattan, we’ll have to sleep in a hotel at the airport and they’ll test us twice or thrice a week. It is impossible. The rules that are being set are extreme “, said Djokovic and then I went to extremes in Belgrade and Zadar.

Djokovic is even more the target of criticism because he is the president of the ATP playing council and he was expected to be an example on and off the field. Sports Illustrated announced yesterday that many tennis players are calling for Djokovic’s removal from the position of president of the playing council.

“I spoke to one player who told me that there were already discussions about initiating Djokovic’s recall,” journalist Jon Wertheim wrote on Twitter.

“This is a time when all prominent athletes, including tennis players, must be an example to others. I hope that Novak and the others will learn lessons from what happened on the Adria Tour, ”said Wimbledon director Richard Lewis.

As things currently stand, the Tour continues in August even though four players from the Top 35 are positive for coronavirus, one of whom is the first tennis player in the world. But tennis has lived without the best players before due to injuries or some other reason, and by the end of the season on August 14, they should all be cured of the coronavirus.

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