the bundles will arrive on Android without the possibility of managing your account

Apple is preparing to launch a full-service offering leaked called Apple One. This offer, which combines several subscriptions, including Apple TV + and Apple Music, would be compatible with the Android version of the firm’s music streaming application. But it would only be possible to subscribe from a product running iOS or macOS.

Apple Music on Android. Credit: PhonAndroid

Apple is organizing a keynote next week. On September 15, from 7 p.m., find us live on PhonAndroid to learn all about the products that the Cupertino company will present. We are obviously waiting for the iPhone 12 even if the marketing could be postponed until October. We’re also expecting a new iPad Air, the Apple Watch Series 6, not to mention AirPods Studios. This keynote should also be an opportunity for Apple to confirm the arrival of Apple One.

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What is Apple One? For more than a year, rumors have said that Apple has been preparing commercial offerings that bundle multiple content services. According to Bloomberg, the bundles would all have a common core: Apple Music and Apple TV +. To this would be added several options: Apple News +, Apple Arcade or iCloud. And the goal would be to offer several services at a lower price than if they were purchased separately.

The arrival of Apple One is not yet official. But mentions in Apple apps are on the rise. First in the iOS 13.5 beta version. And this week in the latest version of the Apple Music app for Android. The latter, numbered 3.4.0, has been analyzed by our colleagues from 9to5Google. And they discovered in its code several mentions relating to Apple One and to “Aristotle”, the code name of the product.

Android compatible, but not fully

Two important pieces of information can be deduced from the lines of code in the application. First, Apple One will be “compatible” with Android: subscribers to an Apple One offering that includes Apple Music will be able to use the application on Android, without paying extra. From there to think that other Apple services will arrive on Android, this is a step that we will not take, even if it would not be illogical to find Apple TV + on the Google OS (for the same reasons why Apple Music is present there).

Second information, Apple Music subscribers will not be able to subscribe to an Apple One plan from an Android device. They will also not be able to manage their options and renew their subscription. The source code of the app seems to indicate that an iOS or macOS device is required. We have two hypotheses to explain this.

No subscription on Android to avoid the commission?

First hypothesis. Apple will not offer all of its products on Android. Apple Music’s presence in the Play Store is tactical, because a MacBook or iPad owner can also have an Android smartphone. The firm, which therefore offers continuity of service, therefore expects this customer to continue to use their iOS or macOS device to manage their account. So no need to include a payment option in the Android version.

Second hypothesis. Apple does not wish to return the commission on in-app purchases to Google. Commission, which she knows well since the firm also applies it in its own store, the App Store. A commission that has been talked about a lot since the beginning of the Fortnite affair.

Source: 9to5Google

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