The Bronzed are skiing: “We were always on the verge of an explosion”

Patrice Leconte evokes the meal scene with the peasants in the cult film.

Patrice Leconte detailed in Première the creation of the famous meal scene among peasants in Tanned people ski, based on fougne and shallot liqueur. The cult film is rebroadcast this evening on TF1.

Zero improvisation
“With my friends from Splendid, there is never any improvisation. It is due to the fact that they come from the café-theater where they mastered their shows from A to Z. The dialogues, the context and the intentions are all respected but the very play of the actors is obviously intuitive. When it says “Gigi drinks and collapses”, it does not bode well for the way in which Marie-Anne Chazel will fall. Few takes also: they know they can give everything immediately. When you see Jugnot choking on the liquor and turning all red, you don’t have the sadism to ask him to do it again … “

In the sheepfold
“We cheated a bit: we are not in a high-altitude chalet but in a sort of village sheepfold. We chose it because it was dirty! (Laughs) This kind of cramped decor requires framing one or two characters at a time, then move on to another one. Don’t miss anything. When you’re on Blanc and Lhermitte, the others play mezzo to save money and I can sense right away that everything will be necessary to rediscover the dynamic of comedy instilled by the former. “

Spartan light
“We shot the scene in one day. Jean-François Robin was lighting and setting it. He had installed an almost unique light above the table, which made it possible to turn quickly, a little in all directions – correspondent, roughly speaking, at the four corners of the table. Of course we only filmed with a camera, it was very rare at the time to do otherwise. Anyway, this is the best method: when we change axis, the light must also be changed. “

Who are the peasants?
“It was out of the question for me to take amateur actors. There is always the risk of being missing the plate. On the other hand, I wanted actors who have an accent and who we do not know. “arrival, I chose two Swiss: the bearded man is called Maurice Aufair and the one who has a cap, Jean-Marc Henchoz. The latter (who died in 2011, editor’s note) then became a producer. Four years later, he will go up notably Robert Bresson’s latest film, The Money. Funny, right? “

Fougne recipe
“The fougne, it was visually horrible but, in truth, very edible! It was molasses, made with brown sugar mixed with small pieces of rusk to give it its lumpy appearance. As for the famous liqueur “shallot, it was water. We had put a plastic toad inside the bottle by neatly cutting the ass that we then glued. I can’t remember if the actors really drank this content The plans suggest that no … “

Numbers and letters
“The sentence,” there was Blumaise in eight letters “, that says one of the peasants while looking Numbers and letters is the kind of joke I like. We do not necessarily notice it at first sight, it comes a little from below. In comedy, you don’t have to put everything in the foreground, otherwise you run into an overabundance of goods. “

Crazy laughs
“The members of the Splendid are very laughing, just like me. With the editor Noëlle Boisson, we were happy to keep the beginnings of laughing at the end of the catch which established a sort of complicity with the public. I always found it very pleasant. we see a few fleeting examples in the scene, especially with Lhermitte and Clavier. On set, we were always on the verge of explosion. Jean-François Robin, whom I observed out of the corner of my eye, was at edge of tears with each take. “

The Bronzed are skiing: “It was not a real toad, it was even very drinkable”

Trailer of Tanned skiing, with Thierry Lhermitte, Josiane Balasko, Christian Clavier, Gérard Jugnot, Marie-Anne Chazel and Michel Blanc:

Les 8 Salopards version Les Bronzés are skiing

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