The Boys: 5 Marvel heroes Homelander could beat

The Boys, from Amazon Prime Video, ended its 2nd season this Friday (9th), and one of the most dubious characters released by the series is, without a doubt, the hero Homelander (or Captain Motherland, in Portuguese). Played by Antony Starr, the character has very different nuances, showing that not every hero is that nice.

Let’s face it, Homelander is one of the most powerful in The Seven. In Season 1, we see very well what their expertise is capable of – and also a little bit about what they can’t. His dubious character contrasts directly with all this, making him an extremely competent antagonist in narrative terms.

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Now, if we put this hero face to face with those we already know before, how would it be? Remember that Homelander was inspired directly by famous characters from the comics and works as a parody of them. In The Boys, originally created in the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the imagination of unscrupulous heroes arises to make several criticisms.

If he faced other popular superheroes, like the Marvel Avengers, for example, who would he win? It is what we will see in this list, speculating the possible fights between these “heavyweights”.

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1. Ant-Man

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A lot of people only met Ant-Man with the most recent release of the Marvel film, but the character is quite old, dating from the 1960s. Even with the ability to be big and also small as an ant, Homelander would easily crush him like an insect.

If he is in his ant form, the hero of The Boys he could easily detect it with his X-ray vision and superhuman hearing. And, when he was big, Ant-Man could be defeated with the extraordinary heat emanated by Homelander.

In short: it doesn’t really matter what tricks are used by the Marvel hero, the infamous Captain Motherland would be able to defeat him.

2. Gavião Arqueiro

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Played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by actor Jeremy Renner, Gavião Arqueiro, at first, does not seem to be as good of a fight as the Homelander. The character may even be a great sniper and have a phenomenal aim, but he is one of the most vulnerable members of the Avengers.

In addition to his skills with bow and arrow and acrobatics, the character has no superpower. And that is already a huge disadvantage against the Homelander, who could easily attack and beat him.

As much as Marvel fans might love to see the defeat of the Machiavellian hero of The Boys, Gavião Arqueiro would lose.

3. Black Widow

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Another character who, although very intelligent and perceptive, has no superpower and could be defeated by the Homelander is the Black Widow. Along with Gavião Arqueiro, the character is quite vulnerable within the Avengers group.

The Black Widow’s abilities could not prevent Homelander from unleashing his incredible powers and doing a great deal of damage. Perhaps, if she could use a heavy arsenal of weapons, the two could have equal advantages, but that is not the case.

4. Iron Man

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Despite the popularity of Iron Man, especially after the various films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are some well-scored reasons that show that the hero would lose to Homelander.

Although his suit is capable of exploding lasers and bombs that can be effective against the Homelander, he also has some weaknesses. How long would he be able to protect himself and shoot? At some point, his armor would become obsolete and vulnerable.

It is worth remembering that, without this armor, Tony Stark does not have superpowers. That would be perfect for Homelander to make his victory. Tony’s genius mind would not be as capable as the hero of The Boys.

5. Captain America

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Both heroes are known for their patriotic outfits, as well as highly prized values. Although Captain America is one of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes, his many abilities might not be enough to overcome the mighty Homelander.

The shield could help at first, but it would gradually become vulnerable. In a direct fight with Homelander, we thought that Captain America, unfortunately, would lose.

Which other Marvel hero would Homelander defeat? Be sure to tell us!

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