The Boys 2nd season: see what happened in the 3 initial episodes

Without being able to go to the cinema, it is understandable that, still listening to the sounds of the clock striking midnight, we all ran with our microwave popcorns to the Amazon Prime Video screen to watch the first three episodes of The Boys released on Friday (4).

Who had the opportunity to marathon through the three episodes, arrived at three in the morning with a sense of accomplishment, but with a lot of restlessness. After all, although with some sequences a bit dragged, the series remains as sensational as ever.

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The beginning of season 2

The second season begins in great style, to the sound of “Sympathy for The Devil” by the Rolling Stones, and the initial images are from the translucent funeral-show, a real event with a transparent coffin for everyone to see … what ? Meanwhile, Billy Bruto remains missing and the Boys are hidden.

Luz-Estrela exchanges messages with Hughie and blackmails a school friend named Gecko and forces him to steal a sample of compound V from Vought’s laboratory. She is discovered by Trem Bala, who did not die of a heart attack, tries to undermine the plan of our heroine, who counters with the accusation of Popclaw’s death.

Meanwhile, she and Queen Maeve join the new member of the Seven, Tempesta, in a promotional campaign to exalt female power. Tempesta is powerful, ambitious and brings a ready-made speech about feminism, but, deep down, she is a horrible person, with a sociopathic tendency that is very “the face” of the Seven.

Captain Mother wants to be dad

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Captain Homeland is a little concerned about this Tempesta ambition, but he only has eyes for his son Ryan, spending a great deal of time at Becca’s house, trying to pose as a good father, but only to force the boy to prove that he has the same superpowers as he does. . Even if you have to put your child’s life at risk.

Billy Bruto reappears at the end of the 1st episode and brings reminiscences of that place, like Truman Show, where his wife and son are imprisoned. He made some notes of the place in a cafeteria, but he cannot understand them. Bruto negotiates the delivery of the Superterrorist in exchange for revealing the address of the place.

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Deep depression

After “spilling” all the alcohol in the world, Profundo is taken by Archer Águia to a therapist who is actually a pastor of a strange Church of the Collective. There he takes a mushroom tea and begins to talk, literally, with his gills, where he discovers that his sick sexuality is the result of his insecurity.

As we are talking about Profundo, he tries to redeem himself, helping the Seven to capture the Super Terrorist, who is in the power of the boys in a launch, scene from the 3rd episode. However, Billy Bruto throws the motorboat over the sperm whale that he was riding, and what we have is a much bloodier version of Pinocchio.

What’s next

Source: Amazon Prime Video / DisclosureSource: Amazon Prime Video / DisclosureSource: Amazon Prime Video

Finally, it is important to say that these first three episodes worked as a closing of some pending issues at the end of the first season. But at the same time, they made a framework for what lies ahead, starting next Friday with “Nothing Like It in The World” and going until October 9 with the release of one episode a week.

At the end of the 3rd episode, Vought’s hoaxes were exposed in the press, but Tempesta’s (brutal) elimination of the Superterrorist and a soup for the poor seem to leave the people totally anesthetized. More real, impossible.

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