The Boys: 10 Things Fans Hate About Billy Butcher


As much as Butcher has assembled a squad of misfits with the goal of ending the Superheroes of the boys and technically it would have to be the most beloved character by fans, that’s not quite what happened. Especially among Reddit users, who have strong opinions about the character.

Billy has strange attitudes, is individualistic and, many times, petty, interfering with “the boys” and even his relationship with his family (first of all, it goes awry).

Check out, according to Reddit users, the 10 reasons Billy is hated by fans of the series the boys!

10. He is in denial

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According to a Reddit user, Billy tells everyone that his goal is to defeat The Seven, but he actually wants revenge on Homelander for Becca’s account. Chances are, if Homelander hadn’t caused his family to break up, Billy wouldn’t have been interested in ending The Seven.

9. Don’t feel guilty

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Billy Butcher’s thoughtless actions often carry heavy consequences, both for his group of “friends” and for anyone else, and he never shows remorse.

Not even when these attitudes are directly responsible for someone’s death. As a war veteran, he doesn’t care much for death, so he doesn’t care when it happens.

8. Your irrational hatred for ALL seven

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The only one of the superheroes that really gave Billy a reason to hate him is Homelander, however, he feels a deadly hatred for all the characters with super powers in the series, including Starlight!

We understand that he needed to kill the Translucent, since he was extremely dangerous, but did he really need to have killed the Mesmer, who was already retired, like that?

7. He doesn’t care so much about his family

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It’s possible to imagine that, after learning that Becca is alive, Butcher would calm down a bit. But it’s okay, after all, someone has to deal with Homelander, right? On the other hand, Butcher went so far as to ask Becca to get rid of her son, Ryan, as he is both a Super and Homelander’s son.

But why would she want to get rid of the child who is also hers?

6. He is not the main character

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As much as the series highlights Billy Butcher, he doesn’t have enough motivation to be the protagonist. At best, an “anti-villain”.

According to forum participants on Reddit, Hughie is deserving of the title of protagonist, as his girlfriend actually died at the hands of a Super, and is always getting information, along with Starlight, to help the cause.

5. The moment with the baby

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At the end of season one, Billy goes to Stillwell’s house to kill her, but Homelander does it before he does. From there, Butcher decides to set fire to the entire house and let it burn, until it exploded… Even though he knew there was a baby inside.

We don’t need to say anything else, right?

4. He doesn’t act much

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Despite already being violent, Butcher doesn’t take much action. He leaves the fighting part to the others, and he doesn’t mind getting into trouble with The Seven himself to fight. Of course, after all, he is human. However, it is a little selfish with others…

Definitely having more action scenes involving Butcher would be quite interesting.

3. Karl Urban’s performance

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The actor seems to leave a lot to be desired for some fans. Despite being an actor full of experience, having appeared in over 50 movies and series, for some fans of the boys, the actor makes Billy Butcher tough where he doesn’t need to.

However, would any other actor really deliver the character’s entire personality?

2. Jack Sparrow Attitude

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The sarcastic way, fake smile and the small group of people who, rightly or wrongly, follow what he wants, makes many fans of the series compare Billy Butcher to the pirate Jack Sparrow.

Despite the similarities, there are also many differences between them and, anyway, what is the problem with having an inspiration in a remarkable character?

1. Your accent

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Okay, okay… Billy Butcher was supposed to be from Great Britain and, with Karl Urban being a New Zealand actor, his fake accent wasn’t quite so convincing. In fact, according to some fans on Reddit, Billy Butcher sometimes ends up sounding like an Australian.

The fact may not seem so important to us, however, for those who live in these countries, the difference in accents is striking.

Is that you? Are you on the Billy Butcher likes team or do you also think he’s pretty obnoxious? What do you agree and disagree with? Comment and discuss with us!

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