The Boys: 10 DC heroes Stormfront could win (or not)

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Stormfront, or Tempesta, has always been one of the most intriguing characters in the series The Boys, based on the homonymous comics. This highlight comes even before the series, since in comics the character is actually a man. Her courage and her brute personality allow her to win almost anyone on most days.

But how would she do against some DC heroes? That’s what we’re going to find out today.

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5 DC heroes Stormfront could beat

1. Starfire

Starfire, from Teen Titans, is an important member of the team, mainly due to the super strength. She has already managed to defeat villains and has always defended the innocent, but there is no denying that Tempesta could beat her because of her murderous instincts.

2. Golden Gladiator

Likewise, we think that heroin from The Boys he would also win a battle against the Golden Gladiator. As much as he is one of the most valuable members of the Justice League, the truth is that he doesn’t always take things seriously, and underestimating Tempesta would probably be his last mistake.

3. Joker

The master of disguises would also lose in a battle against Stormfront. He is known for his tricks and his insanity, but he never faced anyone with the power of heroin. The truth is, this battle would probably be very quick in favor of Tempesta.

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4. Batgirl

Here, things start to get a little more complicated. An eventual fight between Stormfront and Batgirl would undoubtedly be one of the best things DC has ever produced. She is one of Gotham’s strongest vigilantes and has experienced many traumas, which only increased her strength, but Stormfront’s powers would still take advantage of this clash.

5. Batman

Since we’re talking about Batgirl, we can’t help mentioning Gotham City’s greatest hero. Batman’s skills allow him to protect the city and is always willing to stop any villain who crosses his path. But, as you already know, he has no powers. And that would be one of the biggest advantages of heroin from The Boys.

Now that you know which DC heroes could be beaten by Stormfront, let’s turn the tables.

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5 heroes who could defeat Stormfront

1. Supergirl

Supergirl arrived on Earth when she was still a teenager and joined the family tradition of saving the world. In her adventures, she has already proven to be able to face any villain who dared to challenge her. There would be no way Stormfront could beat Supergirl’s fighting skills.

2. Sinestro

The Green Lantern’s enemy could also beat it – even with ease. His ring moved by the force of fear makes him an opponent difficult to defeat by most superheroes; soon, he would be able to defend himself from Tempesta’s attacks and destroy it.

3. Donna Troy

Donna Troy was the first Wonder Woman and has fought evil for many decades. In fact, she even stayed in her tutor’s seat for a while, being one of DC’s most developed heroines. The Amazon’s power and combat skills would be too much for Stormfront to handle.

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4. Wonder Woman

Speaking of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince would also be able to destroy Stormfront. While she may not always be the most powerful heroine, her lineage of gladiators makes her a deadly fighter.

5. Superman

Finally, we have the main hero of DC. Superman has always been at the forefront of the fight against evil and has fought practically all the villains in this universe. He is one of the most powerful characters in the comics and on the big screen, so very few characters would come out of a battle unscathed against him.

Do you agree with our list of DC heroes who could (or not) defeat Tempesta? Leave your comment and take the opportunity to answer your main questions about The Boys.

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