The biggest failure ever known by Facebook, Apple disappoints with the iPhone 13, the recap ‘of the week

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have suffered a global outage, we can no longer buy a license for Windows 11, an investigation reveals that the iPhone 13 does not arouse the interest of users, this is the recap ‘of the week.

What a week in the world of Phonandroid! While Windows 11 has finally been made available with its share of new features such as the removal of the paid license, a worldwide failure to shake Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. On the new side, we tested the iPhone 13 Pro for you and found that the latest generation of Apple does not appeal to the crowds. Finally, we have warned you against fake traffic ticket notices that could pop up in your mailboxes. Welcome to the week’s recap, a rich summary of the news that marked the last few days!

Windows 11 cannot be bought individually

With Windows 11, Microsoft is making an unexpected change: it is not possible to purchase the operating system individually. Indeed, for individuals as for companies, Microsoft does not sell a license of Windows 11. The information was confirmed to us on behalf of a spokesperson for Microsoft, during an event organized by the giant of Redmond in the heart of Paris. To acquire Windows 11, it is therefore necessary to go through a license of Windows 10 since the new OS is free for those who already have a license of Windows 10.

Facebook suffered the biggest outage in its history

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp suffered a global outage. For about five hours, none of these apps were usable. In total, more than 14 million people testified about the technical problem. Many users then took refuge on Twitter, where the hashtag #facebookdown quickly appeared in Trends. After making sure the services were in good working order, Facebook released a statement explaining that the outage was related to an update to the routing systems. After the outage, Facebook apologized to professionals who depend on the social network. Visit our news to find out in detail the causes and consequences of one of the biggest failures that Facebook has ever known.

Richest man in the world eager to discover Squid Game

Squid Game, which is a hit on Netflix, features 456 people whose wobbly financial situation pushes them to participate in a game to the death created by billionaires bored by their life of opulence. It is therefore not very difficult to see the series as an anti-capitalist criticism and Jeff Bezos should perhaps have refrained from expressing his desire to discover the new phenomenon series. On Twitter, Internet users did not hesitate to put it in its place and blithely mock the billionaire. Fans of the series have not passed the pill, who find it grotesque for the richest man in the world to speak out on the subject.

New scam: false tickets circulating by email

False notices of contravention are currently trying to trap the French. An email claiming to come from the French authorities informs you of an infringement and invites you to pay the requested amount through an “online payment site”. This fictitious site roughly reproduces elements of the official site of the French government devoted to fines, namely Through this pishing campaign, the crooks recover your bank details in order to debit your card without your knowledge. If you are concerned and you made the mistake of entering your details, we advise you to contact your emergency bank to object.

Apple disappoints with iPhone 13

A new SellCell study conducted in the United States on 5,000 participants found that 76% of users do not want the new iPhone 13. Apple has therefore failed to convince its customers with this new generation, considered less exciting: no Touch ID sensor, insignificant improvements, no Always On Display mode, so many reasons that push users to skip the 13 range. However, brand loyalty remains strong, since 36.8% of respondents who decided not to upgrade said they plan to wait for the next generation iPhone 14.

Our tests of the week

This week, we take stock of the Xiaomi Pad 5 and the iPhone 13 Pro.

Xiaomi has unveiled its new tablet, the Pad 5, which offers interesting specifications and a very competitive price since it is on sale at the public price of 399.90 euros in 128GB version with 6GB of RAM. Its 120Hz screen, great battery life and powerful sound make it a very good tablet offering quality multimedia at the right price. We appreciate that the Pad 5 is even compatible with Google Store. Small shadow on the board, we do not like its slightly too bright non-AMOLED screen. Apple’s lead on the tablet market is sharply reduced with the arrival of the Pad 5 which could well catch the eye of iPad Pro users …

According to our test, the iPhone 13 Pro seems to be a good compromise between compactness, completeness and power. This model scores points with one of the best screens on the market, an interface without advertising or marketing partners, its very powerful A15 Bionic SoC and its vastly improved autonomy. We also really appreciated the various improvements on the photo / video side which make it a real camera phone that is easy to put in your pocket. Among the shortcomings of this Pro version, we note the fast charging which is not that much and the absence of a charger suitable for it. We would have liked to discover a free shell and better quality headphones in the box.

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