The beta of Android 12, the surveillance of Fisc, the invasion of the pixel tags, the recap of the week

Google is rolling out the Android 12 beta, the Fisc can now monitor your activity on social networks, two thirds of emails contain web beacons, here is the recap of the week!

recap of the week

The era of public life on the Internet is reaching its peak. Between the brands which (ab) use web beacons to collect the personal data of their users, and the Fisc which is preparing to spy on social networks in search of false tax returns, many are those who can have access to information formerly considered private. Two other news are also likely not to make people happy: two IPTV platforms will have to do without Cloudflare services, while Nvidia has decided to limit the performance of its RTX 3060. Fortunately, the beta of Android 12 is available.

2 out of 3 emails are infested with web bugs

According to a study commissioned for the BBC, a majority of large companies use web beacons to track users. British Airways, Vodafone, HSBC, Marks & Spencer, Tesco… They all integrate this device into their newsletters to obtain information on their targets. In theory, brands must imperatively inform the recipient of the presence of this pixel. Obviously, it is very difficult to verify the application of this rule. If you want to protect yourself against this practice, free plug-ins exist for messaging software. You can also configure your mailbox to display only text, without images.

spy pixel email

Cloudflare ordered to block two IPTV platforms

A few weeks ago, the French justice ordered the blocking of 8 illegal IPTV sites. Now it’s Italy’s turn to tackle the problem head on. Cloudflare, one of the most popular CDNs in the world, has been forced to cut its services for two platforms very active, “IPTV THE BEST” and “ENERGY IPTV”. The company tried to defend itself, without success. The court replied that “It is indeed confirmed that Cloudflare performs support and optimization operations at the affected sites, which improves the visibility and advertising of these illegal services”. With illegal streaming weighing 2 billion euros worldwide, we can expect other sanctions of this type soon.

Credit: Pexels

Nvidia slows down RTX 3060 performance, for good reason?

The question arises in view of the shortage that seems to drag on since the launch of graphics cards. The fault of the COVID-19 pandemic of course, the fault of the strong demand too, but also the fault to cryptocurrency miners. Indeed, the latter do not hesitate to rob stores to get dozens of models whose sole purpose will be to mine, leaving players empty-handed. Gold, Nvidia primarily builds its GPUs for gamers. To prevent miners from recovering all Geforce RTXs, the company has decided to reduce the hashrate by 50%. At the same time, the company is also launching a new range called CMP (Cryptocurrency Mining Processor). With a hashrate ranging from 26 to 86 MH / s, they are specially designed for cryptocurrency mining.

rtx 3060
Credit: Nvidia

To check your tax return, the tax authorities will go through Facebook

It has been more than a year since the Constitutional Council validated the monitoring of social networks by the Fisc. The organization is now ready to launch a large-scale test of its artificial intelligence, which should start in a few weeks. This monitoring will concern publicly accessible photos and content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Leboncoin, Airbnb or eBay. Your messages will not be watched, but agents may order a tax adjustment in case of tangible proof of a lie on your statement. The data will be kept for 30 days, one year in case of procedure. Since its revelation, the device has not failed to be accused of liberticide by some.

Facebook Tax
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Android 12 beta is available

Google has posted the first beta version for developers of Android 12. At the moment, this is Pixel only, but more smartphones will be added to the list soon. Since this is the developer beta, it will undergo some changes before the public release is released. To install the update, just follow our guide below. We still advise you to back up the data on your smartphone, as it can be very unstable. We are already seeing improved efficiency in security updates, spatialized audio and haptic feedback. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments!

android 12 beta how to install copy

Our test of the week

If we have just one device to show you this week, the Lidl smartphone has failed. get the better of our tester nerves. It is indeed difficult to find the least quality at Gigaset, if it is not perhaps its price 70 €. The latter is unfortunately probably the cause of a number of problems, between the mediocrity of the screen and its more than dated design. All this is not to mention his camera’s 8 megapixels only, or even its constant slowdowns which outright prevents its use. While manufacturers manage to offer more than correct smartphones less than 200 €, we can only advise you to stay away from Lidl’s latest creation.

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