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Aloy needs much more than her cunning and physical skills to survive in the forbidden west. Being properly equipped with the best weapons you can find is very important so you don’t spend so much pressure facing enemies and facing powerful machines. With that in mind, here’s how to get legendary weapons in Horizon Forbidden West to greatly increase your attack power in the game.

The best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

In short, some of these legendary weapons can be obtained as prizes by completing certain missions (which can be faster or divided into several stages) or by winning challenges in the combat arena and buying them with the medals you earn.

1. The Skykiller (Javelin)

The Sky Killer (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

This is one of the best legendary weapons for me. Usually, dart throwers are already excellent throwing weapons for massive damage. And if they have explosive ammo then… It’s an explosion (pardon the pun) of machine parts all over the place.

The Skyslayer has two types of explosive ammo, in addition to fire damage. All of this can be enhanced with coils as well. Another great feature of this weapon is the additional 15% damage to aerial enemies. Nothing beats dropping a Stormbird at the base of the skewer.

How to get: the weapon is a reward for completing the side quest “The Way Home”, which you will have the opportunity to do much later in the game. For this, you will need to talk to two Quen navigators (Harriem and Kristia). They are located on a boat at the Quen camp, located on the large island in the far west of the map. The camp is on a beach and you will necessarily find it as part of the main quest.

2. Shadow of the Necro-Emissary (Hunter’s Bow)

Shadow of the Necro-Emissary (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

With three types of ammo available, the Necro-Emissary’s Shadow does a lot of damage to enemies’ armor and that without any kind of upgrade. Another advantage also goes to the damage at native shock heights, also without any improvement to the arc or coils.

As perks, the highlight also goes to +10% damage to enemies already electrocuted (which you can already provide with this bow) and +15% critical hit, when unlocking all upgrades.

How to get: this is one of three weapons that can be purchased from Dukkah, the vendor in the tenakth combat arena. You will need 80 medals to get it.

3. Glow (Arc of Precision)

Fulgor (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

An Oseram sourced bow specializing in plasma ammunition. In fact, it is the bow that offers the highest native plasma damage (without upgrades) in the game. The base damage of this element, again without any improvement, can go up to 464! Remembering that the plasma ammunition, when accumulating on the enemy, explodes over time.

The third type of ammo is the blunt one, which is a little more modest compared to plasma, but still wreaks havoc. In addition, Glow gives a +25% bonus to pull speed and super pull damage.

How to get: this is one of three weapons that can be purchased from Dukkah, the vendor in the tenakth combat arena. You will need 80 medals to get it.

4. Power of the Forge (Spear Lance)

Power of the Forge (Image: Reproduction/Vivi Werneck)

The Bolt Launcher is another one of those weapons that does a lot of damage, even at lower rarities. Its only negative points may be that it reduces its mobility a little (due to the heavier structure of the equipment) and that it takes a little longer to recharge. Even so, if you want to solve a difficult situation right away, it’s always good to have one of these.

The Power of the Forge specializes in piercing bolts, which will reduce almost everything to dust along the way (maybe I exaggerated a bit, but it’s a lot of damage anyway). With explosive ammunition, this weapon has an advantage of +25% on draw speed and +10% on reload agility.

How to get: this is one of three weapons that can be purchased from Dukkah, the vendor in the tenakth combat arena. You will need 80 medals to get it.

5. Scourge of the Sun (Hunter’s Bow)

Scourge of the Sun (Image: Playback/Gamespot)

This mid-range bow features a variety of three ammo types (fire, ice and acid), bringing a lot of versatility to this weapon. In addition to offering +10% agility damage and cooldown, Scourge of the Sun is an elemental attack slayer. Natively, that is, without any upgrades or coils, the bow already deals more than 220 total damage in each of its three ammo.

How to get: this bow is the reward for finishing a world quest, which will take a while to complete. You’ll need to conquer the six rebel camps scattered across the map. After defeating the fifth leader, a sixth field will be unlocked. Defeat Asera (leader of this last camp) and when searching her body you will find the legendary weapon.

6. Wings of the Ten (Slingshot)

Wings of the Ten (Image: Playback/Gamespot)

There’s nothing better than having a slingshot with two types of explosive ammunition at your disposal. The Wings of Ten manages to deal 203 burst damage natively, even though it has to get a little closer to the machine than it might like to hit it squarely.

In addition, the weapon gives a +15% boost to critical damage and proximity damage, meaning taking things personally has its perks in this case.

How to get: another mission that will take some exploration time to complete. You will need to find all 12 black recording boxes scattered around the world. As you find them, or after collecting all of them, just take them to Untalla, in the Memorial Forest, and receive the weapon as a prize.

7. Return of the Ancestor (Gauntlet)

Return of the Ancestor (Image: Playback/Gamespot)

Playing with gauntlets requires a little extra training as they are weapons that may require more precision in handling than others. If you’re after this legendary specimen, the Ancestor’s Return comes with three different ammo types (acid, electric, and bashing). The equipment also brings, as perks, +10% Agility damage and +25% Pull Speed.

How to get: it will be necessary to collect nine ornaments that can be found in Ruins of Relics. However, only eight of them can be seen on the map. The location of the last collectible will only be available after finding the previous ones. With all of them in hand, take them to Stemmur and collect your prize.

8. Tinker’s Pride (Trap)

Tinker’s Pride (Image: Playback/Push Square)

Traps are great weapons for a more strategic approach because, as the name implies, they are used to create traps (with different types of damage) for both human and machine enemies.

Tinker’s Pride is another piece of equipment focused mainly on explosive damage. A careless stumble by an opponent can cause an explosion of at least 176 damage natively. The weapon also has the perks of +10% to knockdown and +15% accumulated damage.

How to get: complete all the challenges of the four Hunting Grounds scattered around the map to receive the weapon as a reward.

9. Carja’s Bane (Warrior’s Bow)

Carja’s Bane (Image: Playback/Gamespot)

Powerful, but not that great, Carja’s Bane has two types of ammo: blunt and fire. With native damage of 83 and 42 respectively for each element, it also brings +10% to Agility damage, damage to enemies suffering from Corrosion and knockdown. Go after it only if you really think it’s necessary in the collection. I say this because other weapons (including this list) are much more worth your effort.

How to get: win all four machine races in the game and Carja’s Bane will be your prize.

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