The best programs for remote access

Remote access software is programs that allow a person to connect to another computer, server, or network. With this, the user establishes a connection with two or more machines in different networks and locations.

Widely used in the corporate environment, this software is also very useful for common users. Next, know a little about the applications of these programs and four options available in Baixaki.

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What are the uses of software for remote access?

Remote access applications are used for different purposes in everyday life. The most common is to receive or offer IT technical support without the professional having to visit the client’s home or office.

The second application is to use the software to access a desktop computer when the person is traveling or away from work. With a notebook or mobile device, it is possible to control the other machine from anywhere in the world.

Another possibility is to share and edit documents with others. Remote access programs can offer faster file exchanges than cloud-based alternatives such as Google Drive and Dropbox.


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Extremely lightweight, AnyDesk is an application compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOs. In addition, it has versions for mobile devices such as iOS and Android operating systems.

By connecting two computers using the software, the “visitor” accesses the machine with almost instantaneous responses. Aiming at security, the platform allows you to create permission codes with different levels of access.

With an interface similar to Google Chrome browser, AnyDesk allows you to have multiple tabs to control different PCs at the same time. As well, recent versions have improved communication between users.


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KHelpDesk is an ideal software for those looking for more security during remote access. The program stands out for using end-to-end encrypted channels without the need for VPNs.

Another striking point are the app versions for iOS and Android. This allows the user to connect to the machine from anywhere and manage the files with the mobile device.

Furthermore, the platform is recommended for technology companies that provide customer service. It provides a custom interface for brands and support for multiple customers or teams.

LogMeIn Pro

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LogMeIn Pro is another software option that offers complete freedom to the user. The tool grants remote access to computers, allowing you to run programs and transfer files even away from the machine.

Following the previous examples, the platform also has versions for mobile devices that make it possible to control Windows and MacOS PCs. Another differential is the remote access option through the browser.

Prioritizing security, LogMeIn Pro uses encrypted connections with two-factor verification. Recommended for entrepreneurs and small businesses, the software also has a very simple and intuitive interface.


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Serving diverse audiences, TeamViewer is one of the most complete remote access programs. With free options, the application is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, mobile devices and browsers.

With industrial-grade security features, the platform works with end-to-end encryption connection. Furthermore, the software brings a friendly and intuitive interface that makes life easier for users with little intimacy with technology.

In addition to offering the remote access service, TeamViewer became a working tool during the pandemic. For example, you can share files and hold meetings using audio and video features.

Remote access programs can serve a variety of audiences and goals.Remote access programs can serve a variety of audiences and goals.Source:  Vanessa Garcia/Pexels

What is the best program for remote access?

Each remote access application has its own features and characteristics. Thus, it is up to users to analyze which software best matches their needs and requirements.

There are people who are looking for a solution to specific problems, while others can use the programs as a daily work tool. But the most important thing is to assess which offers the best level of security.

Is that you? Have you ever used any of these software for remote access? Tell us about the experience!

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