The best programs for free remote access

Remote access software can be very useful for both personal and professional use. If you need to access your computer from afar or support someone else by working directly on the machine, remote access can be the solution.

It works as a bridge between one computer and another, sharing, in addition to the screen, the ability to use programs, view files, control changes and features, all from a distance.

The question that arises for those who have never had contact with this type of software is: what are the best programs for free remote access? And when choosing, what do you need to consider?

Therefore, TecMundo has prepared a special list with only the most suitable free programs for your co-worker, family member or friend and to perform specific configurations or receive help remotely.

What is the best remote access program?

From our list, we’ve only selected remote access programs that are free to use, but with a paid subscription option, making it easy when needed. We organize the advantages and disadvantages of each one, to help you choose and have the best experience when accessing or allowing access between computers.


AnyDesk is a free and easy-to-use German program from GmbH. To mirror the screen of one computer on another machine, no configuration is required. Just inform the address of the device you want to access to allow remote access.

(Source: AnyDesk/Disclosure)

One of the program’s main advantages is its versatility, as it runs on a wide range of operating systems, from Windows, Linux and OS X to Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi, for example, and allows access to more than one computer at the same time.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, however, the disadvantage is that it does not have chat, a differential from competitors, which allows the two computers to communicate while access occurs.


The other name on the list is KHelpDesk, a free software that also has mobile device versions to connect to a computer wherever you are. Another great function is to access more than one monitor, for cases where the computer is not restricted to just one desktop.

programs-for-free-remote-access (Source: KHelpDesk/Disclosure)

Another interesting point is the option to group accesses by clients and computers, for cases of sharing between a larger support and development team, for example.

Despite having several features in the free version, there are premium versions, but with the advantage of being able to be tested for 30 days and paid in reais. A differential, since most programs can end up charging in dollars.


O TeamViewer is one of the most successful programs among users who need remote computer access. Its basic version offers many great settings and only requires a subscription commitment if it is used professionally.

best-programs-for-free-remote-access (Source: TeamViewer/Disclosure)

Just like AnyDesk, you can run and access the other computer via a user ID and password shared by the user with the program also installed on your PC.

Access is performed through a very practical and intuitive panel, without the need for complex configurations such as a firewall or router, for example.

While other programs tend to offer extra settings for those who frequently access computers remotely, TeamViewer brings most of them right away in their normal version.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Also known as Google Chrome Remote Desktop, this is not exactly a program, but a very useful extension, used to control another computer through Google accounts.

When installed on both computers, just use the access code generated using the browser itself. Despite not having all the tools of competitors, it can “break a branch” for those who just need to access quickly and nothing else.

Now it’s up to you! From these tips, it is easier for you to choose the remote access program that will accompany you in support and configuration of another remote computer. Have you ever heard of any of these apps? Which did you like best? Share with us in the comments!

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