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Dead by Daylight is an online multiplayer in which five players split between a team of survivors and an assassin. The objective of both sides is clear: fix generators and activate gates to escape and, on the opposite side, prevent that from happening. For this, players can choose perks to boost skills. Discover, below, some of the best perks to survive in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight (Image: Disclosure/Behaviour Interactive)

Perks for survivors

Playing Survivor can be quite stressful, especially for someone who is still familiar with the game mechanics. Facing a trained killer adds even more tension, especially when the generator takes forever to fix and you don’t have any offensive abilities to attack the killer. Your only options are to run and outwit your pursuer until you escape.

Using a good set of perks can help you survive longer, give other players a boost and even fix generators without making so much noise. You will get more advantages (which can also be improved) by buying them with blood points, which the player gets at the end of each game.

Take a look at some interesting perk suggestions for survivors.

1. Borrowed Time

This perk is characteristic of Bill Overbeck and can be used very strategically to take another teammate off the hook. Borrowed Time will protect, for about 15 seconds (depending on the level of the perk), the character that was just rescued. If the survivor, with this protection, is hit by the killer, he will not fall at first. You will have 20 seconds to run away and try to heal yourself. Now, if that character gets hit again (or doesn’t heal in time), then it will go down.

2. Dead Hard

This specific skill of David King is very good to have a little advantage when it comes to escaping a chase, with the killer already on top of you. Your character is able to dash, that is, to dash forward and negate damage, during this move. But this action takes between 40 to 60 seconds to load, depending on the level of the perk.

3. Decisive Strike

This perk, by Laurie Strode, is only activated when someone takes your character off a hook or you are lucky enough to escape on your own. Depending on their level in this skill, the survivor will have between 40 to 60 seconds to escape the killer’s footprint after completing a skill check. Passing the skill test, the assassin will be unable to act for five seconds and you will be able to escape. This saves lives!

Dead by Daylight (Image: Disclosure/Behaviour Interactive)

4. Kindred

This skill helps you get a good sense of what’s going on around you. With Kindred, both you and other survivors gain this advantage. For example: once it is hooked, all characters (except the killer) will be able to see each other’s auras. It will even be possible to see the killer if he is nearby.

Now, if someone else is put on the hook, only you can see them (and the others), as well as the location of the assassin himself. This perk is interesting to assess whether it is safe to save a teammate and verify that the killer is not lying in wait for someone to show up to save the dying person.

5. Prove Thyself

This perk is particularly interesting if you can communicate with other members of your team. That’s because Prove Thyself gives a 15% speed boost to every survivor within four meters of you to repair generators. So if the four are in sync and repairing the same generator, they all get a 45% speed boost.

The downside of this is that too many people together in one place is a huge danger if the killer finds the group, but for the accumulated speed, it could be worth the risk. All you have to do is pay attention to your surroundings or, suddenly, someone has the Spine Chill perk (which you can see below).

6. Spine Chill

Spine Chill is a great skill to have, especially if you’re still learning to position yourself on the map and spot the killer approaching. The perk issues a visual notification (the symbol for this advantage lights up) whenever the assassin is looking in your direction, within a radius of up to 36 meters.

This perceptual advantage comes at a cost, however. Your skill check is increased by 10% and the hit zones of these checks are reduced by 10% as well. Your actions like heal, sabotage, repair, etc receive a speed boost of 2%, 4% or 6% (depending on the level of the perk).

7. Quick & Quiet

This Meg Thomas character perk allows you to make, more silently, some action that would normally make enough noise to alert the killer of your position. That way, you’ll be able to run and jump through windows or shoot into hiding places without fanfare. Of course, you can’t use this ability all the time and you’ll have to wait 30, 25 or 20 seconds for it to charge again.

Dead by Daylight (Image: Disclosure/Behaviour Interactive)

8. Resilience

This ability gives you an extra boost of courage if you’ve already been hit once by the killer. Of course it’s better to try to heal yourself, rather than being about to hit the ground on the next hit, but in an emergency situation (and having already taken damage), Resilience guarantees a speed boost of up to 9% for all your actions.

9. We’ll Make It

This advantage is very interesting to have if you are that person of noble heart who likes to help friends. The perk doubles its speed to heal for 30, 60, or 90 seconds (depending on skill level) whenever it takes someone off the hook. When rescuing a survivor, take them to a slightly safer place and heal them much faster.

10. Urban Evasion

This skill is native to the character Nea Karlsson and is recommended for that player who prefers to be more stealthy. That’s because, once equipped, the perk allows you to move faster while crouching. If Urban Evasion is at level three, your movement speed while crouching will increase by 100%!

And these were 10 suggested perks to use as a survivor in Dead by Daylight. Are there any more missing from the list? What is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!

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