the best offers of the summer sales 2021

The best 2021 summer sale deals to subscribe to a cheap mobile plan are here. No respite in the price war between operators. You will find in this file, all the good interesting plans to pay your package at a lower cost.

The fight continues during the 2021 summer sales between the operators. If you are looking for the slightest opportunity to take advantage of a comfortable package at reduced price, you have arrived at the right address. We have selected for you the best offers of the moment. Apart from the four main players in the market, MVNO operators compete for initiatives to attract the maximum number of subscribers to their fold.

Summer sales: the top offers for subscribing to a cheap mobile plan

Auchan Telecom plan: 50 GB at € 5.99 per month

Auchan mobile plan

Auchan offers a package of 50 GB at € 5.99 per month without commitment for the first year. The price then drops to € 13.99 per month. You therefore benefit from a nice discount of € 8 per month for 12 months. This amounts to savings of € 96 over the year. You are free to cancel the plan at any time without charge. Apart from the Internet, the offer includes unlimited calls, SMS / MMS. Allow 10 € for the subscription for the triple cut SIM card.

Cdiscount Mobile plan: 100 GB at € 7.99 per month

Cdiscount Mobile 100 GB package for sales

At Cdiscount Mobile, you can subscribe to a 100 GB plan at € 7.99 per month on the occasion of the 2021 summer sales. This price is applied for 12 months without obligation and then increases to 20 euros per month. You therefore benefit from a 12 euros discount on the monthly invoice, or 144 € over the year. The package includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in mainland France.

For trips abroad within the limits of the European Union and in the overseas departments, the plan offers 13 GB of data when roaming. And that’s without forgetting the calls, SMS and MMS. Outside the EU, the overseas envelope also covers Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

NRJ Mobile plan: 60 GB at € 8.99 or 150 GB at € 13.99

NRJ Mobile plan

NRJ Mobile is also taking part in the battle for the summer sales. The virtual operator offers you a 60 GB plan at € 8.99 per month for 12 months, then € 14.99 per month beyond the first year. That’s € 6 savings per month, or € 72 over the year. And if you need more data, there is another offer with 150 GB of data at € 13.99 per month for the first year.

You save € 9 per month, or € 108 over 12 months. After this period, the price systematically drops to € 22.99. Both offers are non-binding and include unlimited calls and texts. Allow 10 € for the subscription for the SIM card. The offer is valid until July 7, 2021.

Free Mobile plan: 90 GB at € 9.99 per month

90 GB Free Mobile plan

At Free Mobile, it is the return of the new 90 GB limited series which was launched for the first time last May. This mobile plan therefore entitles you to 90 GB of data in 4G + at the price of € 9.99 per month for one year. After the first 12 months, you automatically switch to the 5G package of 150 GB at € 19.99 per month (reduced rate for Freebox subscribers).

Free’s 90 GB limited-edition mobile plan includes 10 GB of data roaming from Europe and the French overseas departments. You also have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. The purchase price of the SIM card is to be expected upon subscription. It is 10 €. The offer is valid until July 13, 2021.

B & You plan: 60 GB at € 12.99 per month

B & You


At Bouygues Télécom, a limited series allows you to benefit from a bundle 60 GB in 4G at € 12.99 per month without engagement. You also have 12 GB of data that can be used in Europe / DOM as well as unlimited calls & SMS / MMS in mainland France. If you need more data, the operator offers 100 GB for € 14.99 per month. The offer is valid until July 6, 2021. Once subscribed, you will not be faced with a change in price after the first year.

Sosh 80 GB mobile plan at € 14.99 per month



Sosh offers a limited series with 80 GB of data at € 14.99 per month without obligation. The offer is valid until July 26, 2021 at 9 a.m. The price of the package is guaranteed without any condition of duration. In other words, it does not change after the first year and you are free to terminate it at any time. This mobile plan includes 10 GB of data when roaming in Europe, as well as unlimited calls and SMS from France and Europe.

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