The best Minecraft mods: play with realism and ray tracing

O Minecraft is a game that was created in 2011 by the developer Mojang Studios, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2014. In this game, users explore a three-dimensional open world where they can perform various actions, such as building structures, performing earthworks, exploring raw materials and fight enemies. the game it is so rich that it is even used in schools, as it encourages children’s creativity.

Minecraft has thousands of fans spread across the globe. The most aficionados get to build new possibilities within the game, which are called mods (an abbreviation of “modification”).

Mods are independent creations made by users who call themselves “modders” and allow other players to have more possibilities to discover new universes and renew their experience with the game.

some of these mods that we present here even simulate effects of ray tracingwhich is a technology that considerably improves the lighting and shadow effects in the game, making it much more realistic.

If the user cannot use this technology on their computer, know that there are ways to obtain the same effects in your game: just install the right mods.

How to install mod?

(Fonte: Curse Forge)Fonte:  Curse Forge

Some of mods already contain their own installers, but, as this does not always happen, it is important to know how the gamer can do to be able to introduce their mods into their game.

to install them no Minecraft, you can use some specific programs, the most popular is Forge (to download it, go here). In it, you must choose the version of the program according to the version of the Minecraft that you have installed. Remembering that, to use Forge, you must have Java installed on your computer.

If you want to see this in more detail, we have this tutorial on how to install Minecraft mods!

All ready? Then see below the list of the best mods we have selected to boost the Minecraft.

1. Inventory Tweaks (inventory tweak)

(Source: Malavida)(Source: Malavida)Source: Malavida

O mod Inventory Tweaks it’s a hand on the wheel: it makes tools that run out of durability automatically update in the shortcut bar. Block stacks are also automatically recharged.

2. Mini Minecraft

This is a playable version of Minecraft very tiny, the size of a trunk. It has the same features as the original, but the player controls everything through the chest interface. It is, to say the least, an unusual experience for those who want to test new ways of exploring this game.

3. Controlling

(Fonte: Mc Mod Net)(Fonte: Mc Mod Net)Fonte:  Mc Mod Net

O mod Controlling helps you manage controls when playing with other mods in Minecraft. With it, you can simply open a search bar and type the desired control to see what the key combination is.

4. Chisel 2

(Fonte: Minecraft Six)(Fonte: Minecraft Six)Fonte:  Minecraft Six

O Minecraft “normal” has just a cobblestone texture. With Chisel 2, it is possible to use 24 different textures, at the gamer’s pleasure. In this way, it is possible to vary the “decoration” of your buildings.

5. Bibliocraft

(Fonte: Curse Forge)(Fonte: Curse Forge)Fonte:  Curse Forge

Does the player have a more intellectual profile? So if you call that you can sophisticate Minecraft with books and even a cool monocle. How mod Bibliocraft, you can expand the game with very specific objects and it’s a lot of fun: there are windows and shelves to display trophies, as well as a printer that copies books.

6. pig manure

(Source: 9 Minecraft)(Source: 9 Minecraft)Source: 9 Minecraft

How about including some pig poop in the game? O mod Pig Manure gives this opportunity, and the pigs start dropping droppings! And why do that? Now, there are advantages to enabling this functionality: the player can use manure to fertilize crops, replacing bone meal, and if all that is not enough, the gamer can use the poop to produce bricks using a furnace.

7. Bacteria

(Fonte: Mine Craftings)(Fonte: Mine Craftings)Fonte:  Mine Craftings

Bacteria can be a nice addition to Minecraft. This mod makes it possible to grow a wide variety of bacteria that will perform different functions in the world – both good and harmful. The point is to throw them into the game and see what happens.

8. Ray Tracing no Minecraft

(Source: Disclosure)(Source: Disclosure)Source: Disclosure

O ray tracing, or “ray tracing”, is a new technology that greatly improves the realism of this game’s graphics, providing better global and per-pixel lighting capabilities, as well as support for realistic reflections and shadows. But the technology is available for DirectX-compatible devices such as graphics processing unit (GPU) GeForce RTX and specific AMD GPUs.

However, there is another way to achieve similar effects in the game if this is not the case for the user. To activate the ray tracing no Minecraftjust download the free Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders (YOUR) Renewed. This will ensure much more realistic graphics in the game.

9. Ebin Shaders

(Fonte: Minecraft Shader)(Fonte: Minecraft Shader)Fonte:  Minecraft Shader

You shaders these are mods that improve the effects of light and shadow in the Minecraft. Ebin Shaders, without a doubt, is one of the most beautiful to boost the game’s graphics.

The game’s environment will be incredibly better: the trees will be more realistic, the sunlight will shine through the clouds and the sky will be brighter.

10. Chocapic 13

(Fonte: Curse Forge)(Fonte: Curse Forge)Fonte:  Curse Forge

O mod Chocapic 13 provides darker shaders, giving the game a richer lighting effect. the look of Minecraft it becomes much more mysterious and elegant.

11. Sildur Shaders

(Source: Disclosure)(Source: Disclosure)Source: Disclosure

Finally, a very nice shader pack that doesn’t have much influence on the appearance of the original blocks of the Minecraft. That’s why it’s recommended for those who just want to subtly improve the game’s graphics, but without looking like they’re using a modifier.

Do you have any other cool mod tips that aren’t here? So tell us in the comments.

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