The best hardware youtubers from Brazil and the world

In this article, we decided to list some of the most important hardware channels in the world on YouTube, and obviously, Brazilians were also remembered.

Modern PC example: RGB even on the mousepad.Source: Unsplash / Lawrence

Criteria considered

The focus of this list is channels that specialize in hardware (or that have much of the related content), but especially those whose information is based on practical tests.

Therefore, channels essentially based on news, rumors and cell phone analysis were left out.

We prioritize independent and transparent channels, which test parts, compare setups and generate information without the need to do marketing for products or stores. Not that it is prohibited, but we discard fundamentally sponsored channels.

The list is not arranged from the best to the worst, but we will start with foreign channels.

1. Nexus gamers

One of the oldest hardware channels. In addition to carrying out tests and reviews, Steve Burke has already interviewed great personalities in the technology sector.

2. Actually Hardcore Overclocking

Channel specialized in extreme overclocking.

3. JayzTwoCents

Tests, comparative reviews and debates on hardware related issues.

4. Linus Tech Tips

Perhaps the largest hardware channel in the world, with 11.5 million subscribers.

5. Techquickie

Another channel that belongs to Linus Sebastian, owner of Linus Tech Tips.

6. The Tech Chap

This channel makes several interesting analyzes and comparisons, like what we can see in the demonstration below.

7. Paul’s Hardware

Another very technical and creative hardware channel. In the video below, Paul builds gaming PCs with three different budgets.

8. Greg Salazar

Greg also tries to avoid repetitive videos, and always brings relevant comparisons.

9. Canucks hardware

It presents information about hardware and presents viewers with beautiful visual effects.

10. Optimum Tech

With great analysis, Optimum Tech also likes to display exotic pieces as we can see in this video about an open cabinet.

11. Ponchato

Not so big channel, but notably created by a hardworking guy. Ponchato always reviews cool pieces, and his comparisons are very well done.

12. Hardware Scientist

This is the smallest foreign channel on our list, with “only” 11,100 subscribers and less than 20 videos. However, their tests are extremely technical. A full plate for those who like coolers and fans.

13. Bit-tech

This channel brings great reviews and videos related to case modding.

In Brazil

1. Casual Gamers

Casual makes a difference with its diversity of videos addressing different subjects, all in excellent taste.

2. TecLab

Possibly the most respected Brazilian hardware channel abroad.

3. Dan Ferreira

Dan specializes in notebook reviews.

4. Peperaio Hardware

Peperaio stands out for its concern with getting into the details, always bringing very complete analyzes.

5. PC Facts

One of the most informative channels in the country, PC Facts runs after the most pertinent subjects, and always brings relevant content.

6. Adrenaline

One of the largest hardware channels in Brazil, “Adrena” could not be left out of our list!

7. Hardware Club

Channel of one of the most important sites on Hardware ever created in Brazil, Clube do Hardware continues to answer the main doubts of computer lovers.

8. Lock Gamer Hardware

Lock divides its focus between tests and news, but it always brings analyzes that interest most PC users.

So, did you like our list? Would you like to make any changes? What would be your perfect list?

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