The best free antivirus 2022


The security of devices with an Internet connection is crucial if you do not want to pave the way for viruses, bank data, or identity theft.

We have compiled the best free antivirus that will help you fight malware, identity theft, scams, and phishing…

Threats on the network are constant and increasingly dangerous. That is why it is so important to have devices with an Internet connection safe with a free antivirus protection system. Thanks to technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or data storage in the cloud, they are more efficient and do not affect the performance of the computer or smartphone.

Best free antivirus

These are the 10 best free antiviruses to protect your devices against attacks in 2022.

Kaspersky Free

Free antivirus with password protection and storage and data encryption via VPN, it is considered one of the best free antivirus today. In addition, it uses the same detection engine as the paid version and can be used on both computers and mobile devices. The firm offers other free tools (during a trial period) that complement this antivirus, such as the password manager or ‘Kaspersky Safe Kids’ parental control.

Bitdefender Free

Although it doesn’t allow you to schedule scans and you have to do it manually, its threat search system is fast and the level of protection (even if it’s basic) is good. It works in the background and another point in its favor is that it doesn’t ‘annoy’ the user with advertising. It claims to be ideal for gamers and editors (image and video) and does not take up much space on the device, so as not to affect its performance. There are three versions available: PC, Android, and macOS.

Sophos Home Free

The free version includes a 30-day trial period of the Premium version and is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. Its features include parental filtering of websites to control the content that minors can see on the Internet or remote administration, which allows protection of the equipment from a web interface, wherever the user is. Threat detection is powered by predictive Artificial Intelligence.


Identity protection and privacy from hackers are guaranteed with this free all-in-one antivirus: it protects against viruses, malware, spyware, and other cyber threats (‘threats). It offers a Chrome browser extension called ‘Web Secure Free’ to make the browsing experience as secure as possible. Its ‘game mode’, on the other hand, temporarily suspends requests, analysis, updates, and alerts so as not to interrupt any game.


With antispyware, it focuses on ensuring that no malicious software collects information about the user and shares it with other entities so that they can profit financially from their data. Similarly, anti-ransomware prevents you from having your files encrypted and then demanding money to get them back. It supports multiple devices at the same time and offers each of them advanced protection against malware and viruses.


Scans for security and performance issues as well as unknown files before they reach the user. In this way, you reduce the risk you face when opening a file that might contain malware. Its latest update includes a ‘do not disturb mode to improve the user experience that blocks pop-ups when watching a movie or playing a game on full screen.

Thanks to its ‘CyberCapture’ function, the program automatically sends any suspicious file to the cloud and if it turns out to be a threat, it finds a solution not only for that user but for all Avast users. Available for Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS.

Avira Antivirus free

With this software, the user’s device as well as their privacy and their searches will be safe. But in addition, purchases and banking activities are insured. And it is that Avira has a plugin called ‘Safe Shopping’ that serves to add ‘extra’ protection to the browser (only Chrome or Edge). This plugin blocks annoying or infected ads, and phishing websites, and prevents companies from tracking the user, among other features. With Avira Free Security your computer will be safe, your privacy will be safe and your performance will not be affected.


It not only protects against viruses but also against many types of malware: from spyware and ransomware to Trojans and adware. Its free version includes basic protection for any device, be it Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS; scans the device for performance issues and detects and stops ransomware in personal folders. In this way, all files such as photographs, videos, audio, documents, etc. are safe. It also blocks suspicious links, downloads, and attachments in emails.


Unlike other antiviruses, this one has Artificial Intelligence, detecting anomalies, comparing behaviors, and reinforcing applications to destroy malware that had not been detected before. To prevent hackers or cybercriminals from accessing your device, the program disables attack vectors and new ones as they arise. Thus, even if the user enters a web page that is infected or clicks on a suspicious link, they will still be protected. The basic scan checks for system updates scans for rootkits, scan memory, startup items, registry items, and file system items.

Panda Free Antivirus

Its version for Windows and Mac includes real-time protection against all types of malware and spyware, ensures protection against the automatic execution of malware from a USB drive, and has a recovery system that allows you to boot an infected computer and delete any virus that has affected the system. The second free version is designed for Android devices: it analyzes the installed applications, as well as their updates and the performance of the device to optimize it.

In addition, it controls the permissions and shows what information the user shares with these applications, so that later they can decide which ones they want to leave or not. On the other hand, it allows one to locate all the user’s devices and those of her family to be able to find them remotely and in real-time in case of theft or loss.




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