The best educational apps from Google 2022

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These tools facilitate the teaching and student task: they allow them to investigate, carry out online work or help to organize themselves better. Discover them!

Google has numerous applications that can be used for educational purposes: Google Maps for Geography classes; Google Classroom to manage and facilitate online classes; Google Drive to work online and do collaborative work… But, they are not the only ones that can be applied in the classroom to work on the different subjects in Primary and Secondary.

In this article we have selected some of the best educational applications from Google to help teachers complete their explanations and get the most out of learning.

Google Meet

Ideal for video conferencing, it allows up to 100 participants to join the conversation, so it helps to connect the whole class to teach subjects online or talk with students and parents. It is very easy to use and encourages participation and the order of interventions thanks to a function that allows you to raise your hand virtually.

Google Tasks

This service, which is integrated into its online learning platform, helps teachers to better manage their tasks and save time when evaluating: for example, it allows the distribution of Google Drive templates and personalized spreadsheets to students and grading the exercises virtually. In addition, it compares the works with thousands of web pages and books to verify their authenticity.

Google Jamboard

On mobile, tablet, or whiteboard, this online wall encourages real-time collaboration from the whole class. Children can drag images, add notes, or import documents and spreadsheets, and, most fun, they can write by hand and draw with their fingers. This smart display supports up to 16 simultaneous touchpoints on the same device.

Google Forms

Useful for organizing events, sending surveys, and quickly and easily gathering information from students. With this tool, teachers can not only get information, but it is also a help for students when doing research.


With this application, both students and teachers can easily create a blog. It has different templates and themes, as well as a very intuitive interface to create content. It is ideal for posting assignments for subjects such as Language or History, or even for making a general class blog.

Academic google

Its objective is to facilitate the search for information when carrying out research work. He is specialized in the search for content and scientific-academic bibliography. With it, it is possible to find theses, books, summaries, and documents on various topics that serve as a source of information and reference in-class work.

Google sky

For students to learn about astronomy more interactively, this application allows them to observe the universe and all its components: stars, constellations, galaxies, and planets… It has several sections in which to find information about the coordinates of the planets, images of nebulae, and a section of podcasts in English in which various issues related to outer space are explained.

Google Arts & Culture

It collaborates with museums around the world to offer virtual tours and spread universal access to culture and art. It works with Street View technology and with it you can see the works of artists such as Diego Rivera up close or visit museums and monuments such as the Brandenburg Gate. Another of its main assets is its games, through which the user has the chance to discover what painting looks like or turn their photographs into works of art.

Google Books

This Google service searches the full text of the books that are digitized on this server. It allows you to search by title, author, ISBN code, or by keyword. With it, you can see complete books, as long as they are in the public domain, and download them for free in eBook form. It is also a resource for citing books used in academic papers.

Google Calendar

For personal and educational organizations, it is available in app format to be used from mobile devices and integrated into Gmail. It is made up of a calendar in which to write down the tasks, events, jobs, or any type of obligation that users have. In addition, it is possible to synchronize it with Gmail contacts, so it can be used to organize when doing group work.




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