the best deals for iPhone, iPad and AirPods

Apple products are not exempt from French Days discounts. In this file, we have gathered all the interesting offers on iPhone, iPad, AirPods or even on Macs.

French Days 2021: the top Apple offers

The French Days are back for a second wave that is still as intense as it gets. If you want to take the opportunity to buy a new Apple product, we are dedicating this file to iPhone, iPad, Airpods, but also to Mac/MacBook. You will find models of all ranges at lower prices. Sosh notably offers a 50 € discount on the entire new range of iPhone 13s.

Good deals for iPhone and iPad

iPhone 12 Mini at € 579

iPhone 12 mini on sale

The iPhone 12 mini is at an unprecedented price. It is now € 579 on Cdiscount for French Days instead of € 809. The price displayed is 599 € but do not forget to enter the promo code 20EUROS to take advantage of an additional 20 euros reduction. In total, it’s nearly € 230 savings on the iPhone 12 mini. Ideal for those nostalgic for old compact iPhones, its 5.4-inch size makes it the smallest model in last year’s iPhone lineup.

IPhone 13 series from 759 €

iPhone 13 best price

The new iPhones of 2021 benefit from a reduction of 50 € at Sosh during the French Days. This good plan is valid for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and Max as well as for the iPhone 13 mini. The latter is € 758 instead of € 809, the iPhone 13 is offered at € 859 instead of € 909. The iPhone 13 Pro as far as it is concerned is available from € 1109 instead of € 1159.

iPhone 12 64 Go à 764 €

iPhone 12 blanc

The iPhone 12 is available at a more affordable price than the recommended price. While Apple currently charges € 859 on its official website, the smartphone is displayed at € 764 on Amazon in its white version with 64 GB of internal storage. This is a reduction that frankly cannot be refused, especially since the iPhone 12 was launched at 909 €. It is all in all a reduction of 145 €. An offer not to be missed during the French Days.

iPad Air 2020 at 767 €

iPad air 64 Go wifi

This good plan can be found at Amazon, which offers a significant discount on the latest iPad Air equipped with the Apple A14 Bionic SoC. IPad Air offers solid performance, a beautiful display, is compatible with 2nd generation Apple Pencil which allows you to take notes quickly and bring your ideas to life. Normally offered at € 829, its price is € 767 at the moment during the French Days on Amazon. But you will have to wait a bit for the delivery while it is back in stock.

French Days : les bons plans AirPods

AirPods 2 at 129 €

Apple airpods 2

Take advantage of the French Days to buy AirPods 2 wireless headphones at a good price. Normally offered at 179 €, they are currently available on Amazon at 129.99 €, a reduction of 50 euros. AirPods 2 provide a smooth and ergonomic experience and work effortlessly with any Apple device. You benefit from a standard autonomy of 5 hours which can be increased to 24 hours with the charging case.

AirPods Pro at 208 €

AirPods pro

If you want the best possible experience with your AirPods, the Pro version is obviously more complete. Its first argument is the presence of active noise reduction. This model also offers a different design and a better fit in the ears. Not to mention its premium and ergonomic features that make it the ideal choice for demanding users. AirPods Pro are 208 € on Amazon for the French Days instead of 279 €.

AirPods Max at 489 €

Discounted AirPods Max

Finally, if you prefer headphones to headphones, AirPods Max are no exception to French Days good deals. Apple’s wireless headsets are priced at $ 489 right now. This is well below the premium rate of € 629, the recommended price. You thus benefit from a reduction of 140 € for these headphones offering high-fidelity sound, a comfortable experience, not to mention active noise reduction for immersive sound.

Mac and MacBook promotions on the occasion of French Days

Pack MacBook Air M1 + AirPods 2 à 1079 €

Macbook Ai M1 Airpods 2

This is a very nice offer that Cdiscount offers on the MacBook Air M1 that we discover in a pack including AirPods 2, all at the price of 1079 €. This set should normally come back to € 1,308. Basically, you get a reduction of 229 €. As a reminder, the recommended price of the MacBook Air M1 is € 1,129 and that of the AirPods 2 is € 179. The price displayed for this pack is 1099 € but do not forget to enter the promo code 20EUROS to benefit from an additional reduction of 20 euros.

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