The best compact voice recorders 2022


These devices feature dual microphones and smart technologies to capture sound by isolating unwanted noise. Due to their functionalities, they are very interested in the daily life of many people in the world.

The benefits and technical characteristics of current voice recorders are turning them into allies of many students who use them to facilitate taking notes in class or review and prepare subject syllabi for exams, among many other possibilities.

The models that we have compiled in this article have in common their compact designs that are easy to take anywhere, the use of advanced technologies to capture sound without annoying noise, or the ability to store hours and hours of audio cuts. And, in addition, they are used to playing music or listening to the radio.


It allows you to store 48 to 72 hours of voice files thanks to its 32 GB memory card, expandable by connecting an external USB memory. Files are automatically saved by date and time for easy searching and are saved in MP3/WAV format, compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It features dual noise-reducing microphones that pick up stereo sound, and its lithium battery allows up to 22 hours of recording (can be used while charging).


With an intelligent noise reduction chip and dual microphones, features include password protection and voice-controlled recording: automatically records when it detects a voice and stops when there is no sound. Its 64 GB internal memory allows up to 270 hours of recording. And for those who want to use it as a music player, it offers space to store up to 16,000 songs. It has a port to connect headphones.


Its 16 GB memory can store up to 1,100 hours of recording that can be expanded up to 64 GB thanks to its SD card slot. To save memory effectively, it pauses when it doesn’t recognize any sound and starts again the moment it appears. It has built-in two-way microphones for long-distance recording, as well as a professional DAC noise reduction chip, which converts the digital signal to analog, improving human voice pickup and filtering out background noise. In addition, it has other functions such as playing music or radio stations.


Equipped with a four-digit password to protect files, this 54-gram mini recorder can store up to 124 hours of sound thanks to its 32 GB internal memory. To start it, you just have to slide its side button up: its dual microphones will begin to pick up sound, reducing ‘white noise or background whispers. It also works as an MP3 player in which to save more than 8,000 songs.


V15 ultra-mini TELEPHONE

It is characterized by its compact and lightweight design: it is 6 mm thick and weighs 21 grams. It has 64 GB of storage and a battery that allows recording for over 50 hours. To capture sound, it uses intelligent noise reduction technology that eliminates up to 90% of ambient noise. Its data protection function saves data automatically even when the device’s battery is about to run out and, along with this, it sorts the files by date and time to facilitate their search.



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