The best April Fools’ jokes in video games in 2022

April 1st is always remembered as April Fools’ Day, which naturally makes it the perfect excuse to play pranks on your friends. As it could not be otherwise, the world of video games also takes advantage of the date to have a wave with the guys, so we’ve separated for you some of the coolest jokes that aired today!

Bruno Micali retires the greatest tradition of Fridays

Those who follow Voxel assiduously know very well that the main tradition of our website and channel is the Friday pizza duly blessed by Mica in his networks. To the general sadness of the nation, the master announced today that he is setting off on a new gastronomic journey…

Twitch launches new categories for memes

Here’s an idea so bad that it actually ends up doing a 180-degree turn and looks good: Twitch today posted an announcement of a series of changes to its stream categories, so we can now tune into channels with only people reading on silence, eating pizza or working!

From Jackass for Goat Simulator!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up watching Jackass on MTV, and one of my favorite actors was Steve-O. So it was a great joy to visit the game’s profile Goat Simulator today and see that your social media team remembered the star when confirming him as director for the first feature film inspired by the game!

The amazing one-key mechanical keyboard

Science has come a long way in recent years, and we’ve finally reached the point where the world’s smallest keyboard has taken shape! Meet the brand new Corsair K1 RGB, the best way you’ll find on the market to press the F key. And Just the F key, because it’s the only one on this high-end mechanical keyboard:

a wet dream with Sonic Frontiers

The Japanese are particularly cruel in their games. As a fan of the sprinting hedgehog, I would love for this new edition of Sonic Frontiers were true, as it includes a bath basket, towel, waterproof Mega Drive, Game Gear and even a rubber ducky!

Among Us turns into a horse race

Mica may have lied about the pizzas, but do you know what really happened? His mic leaking during our TGA live just as he called Among Us VR of “what the hell”. I wonder what he would think of the announcement of a “Horse Mode” in the game, with new animations and sound effects inspired by these beautiful animals!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses crown your afternoon tea

If you still needed more proof of Japanese cruelty, how about this collector’s edition of Fire Emblem Three Houses? As in the Nintendo Switch exclusive strategy game you can have a cup of tea with your waifus and husbands, this pretend kit lets you take the same experience to the real world!

A great multiplayer for A Short Hike

If you played the captivating indie A Short Hike, probably adding a multiplayer mode for up to 99 players wasn’t the first wish that crossed your mind, but a mod released on made it come true! Only run if you want to try it out, as support is promised for just two weeks!

Cookie Run: Kingdom it gets even more delicious

Cookie Run: Kingdom it should just be a simple strategy game and mobile RPG, but the developers decided to whet the appetite of the crowd by transforming the food into very attractive characters. Are you served?

Abyss Reader arrives at Genshin Impact!

Although this gameplay is not yet reality, the official profile of Genshin Impact shared a very adorable stop-motion video showing what it would be like to be able to play with Abyss Lector:

So, among all the jokes and uproar, which was your favorite? See any other pranks we forgot to mention? Tell us in the comments below!

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