The best and worst movie title translations in Brazil

As much as the Brazilian film market is a little different from the international one, there are many movie titles that don’t look very good after arriving in our country. Alongside this, there are also impressive titles that manage to highlight the translators’ creativity, sell the production to the public and make everything even better.

So, check out our list of some of the best and worst movie title translations in Brazil!


5. Waiting for a miracle (The Green Mile)

(Warner Bros. Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Warner Bros. Pictures

The infamous death row in the United States has earned the nickname of the Green Mile (something like the Green Mile, in a literal translation). It means a walk towards the inevitable, something quite coherent for what happens in the English language.

However, in Brazil, as in Stephen King’s original book, the title was transformed to something more flashy and coherent with the narrative here.

4. Suddenly 30 (13 Going to 30)

(Columbia Pictures/Reproduction)(Columbia Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Columbia Pictures

Starring Jennifer Garner, the 2004 feature film has a very simple title, which in Portuguese would not be so flashy. For this reason, the film was renamed as Suddenly 30, showing the unexpected trajectory of the protagonist, who on a certain day wakes up in the body of an adult woman.

3. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

(Universal Studios/Reproduction)(Universal Studios/Reproduction)Source:  Universal Studios

In a free translation, the famous quote by poet Alexander Pope, who titled Charlie Kaufman’s award-winning screenplay, would sound something like Billion of the Eternal Sun of a Pure Mind.

However, so that the film would also have a poetic title in Portuguese, they translated it as we know it today. Anyone who wants to watch it, take the opportunity to access the Netflix catalog.

two. like it’s the first time (50 First Dates)

(Columbia Pictures/Reproduction)(Columbia Pictures/Reproduction)Source:  Columbia Pictures

The romantic comedy with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore has a fun title in the original version. But, for the Brazilian film market, it would be very simple. Thus, they immersed themselves in the plot to develop, with great creativity, the name of the film in Brazilian Portuguese.

A curiosity is that in Portugal, the title is quite brazen. In the European country, the production is known as My Girlfriend has Amnesia.

1. A drink in hell (From Dusk Till Dawn)

(Miramax/Reproduction)(Miramax/Reproduction)Source:  Miramax

Scripted by Quentin Tarantino, From Dusk Till Dawn, in a free translation, gained a more striking title here. And let’s face it, he’s able to show much more of the power of the production’s narrative, as well as being quite imposing on many levels.


5. Amnesia (Memento)

(Paris Films/Reproduction)(Paris Films/Reproduction)Source:  Paris Films

Christopher Nolan’s film means “Remember” in Latin. Amnesia is a bad title, as it completely mischaracterizes the plot of Guy Pearce’s character. He even emphasizes, throughout the sequences, that his condition is far from being a simple amnesia.

4. If My Apartment Talked (The Apartment)

(United Artists/Reproduction)(United Artists/Reproduction)Source:  United Artists

As much as Billy Wilder’s classic films had some comic nuances, the title in Portuguese even sounds like a joke in bad taste. Although in general terms this title may make some sense, it does not match what viewers actually see on stage.

3. The Kings of Iê Iê Iê (A Hard Day’s Night)

(United Artists/Reproduction)(United Artists/Reproduction)Source:  United Artists

In Brazil, Yeh Yeh Yeh was the expression found to approach the Yeah Yeah Yeah featured in many songs by the Beatles and other 1960s rock groups.

With the arrival of one of the band’s films in the country, the translators thought it would be a good idea to put this in the title. It doesn’t have much to do with A Hard Day’s Night, but somehow it sold.

two. Neurotic Groom, Nervous Bride (annie hall)

(United Artists/Reproduction)(United Artists/Reproduction)Source:  United Artists

One of Woody Allen’s most famous films had a very simple and conventional name in the original, referring to one of the main characters.

Around here, they decided to translate as Neurotic Groom, Nervous Bride when they saw the conflicting personalities of the lead couple, rather than considering the film’s plot as a whole—which is still a terrible choice.

1. when two women sin (persona)

(Continental/Reproduction)(Continental/Reproduction)Source:  Continental

Finally, a complete disaster that doesn’t make any sense, even when analyzing the production scenes. Ingmar Bergman’s film, released in 1966, features a nurse who has to take care of a patient who no longer wants to talk to anyone.

The original title very well suggests the persona — the Italian word for person, also referring to the acting in many cases — of Elisabet (Liv Ullmann) and her current condition. In Portuguese, the title manages to deceive the public, causing misinterpretations about what the film is about.

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