the best Amazon deals on Echo, Kindle, Fire TV devices

It’s time for Amazon Prime Day 2021. For the occasion, the e-commerce giant is offering an avalanche of promotions and good deals on its products. Thus, the Echo connected speakers, the Kindle e-readers, are offered exclusively to Prime members at a reduced price. Among the flagship promotions, we find for example the Echo Dot 4, the connected screens Echo Show, 5, 8 which are becoming more affordable than ever.

Prime Day 2021 good deals for amazon devices

The top 2021 Prime Day offers on Amazon connected products

If you want to buy an Amazon connected product at the best price, you can take advantage of the Amazon Prime Day deals. Customers who subscribe to the Amazon Prime service can take advantage of exclusive promotions reserved for them.

Subscription to the Amazon Prime service offers a multitude of advantages such as free and unlimited delivery, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Reading, Amazon Photos, Prime gaming, flash sales…. If you are not yet a subscriber, know that you can enjoy Amazon Prime free for 30 days.

Echo Flex at € 14.99

echo flex

Perfect for people who already own devices with Alexa, this little accessory will allow them to use it in more places around the home. It also acts as a phone charger thanks to its integrated USB port. Amazon offers it at € 14.99 during Prime Day 2021 instead of € 29.99 on average. Which still represents a 50% reduction.

Echo Dot 3 at € 19.99

Echo Dot 3 at less than 25 euros

This connected speaker goes to € 19.99 instead of € 49.99. Now is the right time to equip yourself! The Echo Dot 3 comes in the form of a pebble. Thanks to it, you can easily launch and control your favorite music tracks with a simple voice command.

That’s not all, the device also allows you to call or send messages to your contacts, as long as they also have an Echo device. A real control tower, it also allows you to control your Alexa-compatible connected devices (lights, thermostats, etc.). A good plan not to be missed during Amazon Prime Day.

Mini surveillance camera Blink Mini at € 24.99

Blink Mini Camera

Want to equip yourself with a cheap but powerful surveillance camera? Amazon offers its Prime members a reduction of € 15 on the Mini Blink camera. It is thus possible to have it at € 24.99 instead of € 39.99, until the end of Prime Day.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the Blink Mini, it is an HD indoor surveillance camera (1080p, 110 degree field of view) with motion detection and two-way audio system. Notifications are sent to a smartphone as soon as movement is detected.

Product setup is done in just a few minutes: just plug the camera into an electrical outlet, connect it to the home WiFi network and add it to the Blink Home Monitor app. Finally, the Blink Mini camera is supplied with a bracket, 2 fixing screws, a USB cable and an AC adapter.

Echo Dot 4 at € 24.99

Echo Dot 4 on sale

More powerful than its predecessor and sporting a rounded design, the Echo Dot 4 is a small connected speaker that will make your life easier. It is possible to buy it at the best price of the moment by taking advantage of the good deals of Prime Day. It is therefore available at € 24.99 instead of € 59.99.

The Echo Dot 4 comes with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. The latter makes it possible to control all the connected devices by voice. The Assistant was designed to stream music, real-time information, and more.

The Echo Dot 4 also offers the ability to make calls to people with a device from the Echo range and to control their compatible connected devices with a simple voice command. Finally, it is possible to find the most famous music streaming platforms of the moment such as Deezer, Amazon Music Unlimited or Spotify.

Fire TV Stick 4K at € 32.99

Amazon fire stick tv 4K

We no longer present the Fire TV Stick 4K from Amazon. For Prime Day, Amazon offers it at a low price, namely € 32.99 instead of € 59.99 excluding promo. A nice reduction of 27 € therefore.

This compact multimedia box in the format of a USB key slides discreetly into the HDMI port of your TV. It is powered by Amazon’s Fire TV ecosystem which offers an experience of its own.

You get excellent picture quality thanks to 4K Ultra HD streaming with Dolby Vision, Atmos and HDR10 + compatibility. The system is obviously compatible with all audio and video streaming applications, starting with Prime Video, the home service. Access Netflix, Disney +, YouTube, Molotov, MyCanal and many other TV / streaming services.

With the new generation Alexa voice remote control, control your favorite movies and series with the voice or the button. Listen to music on Amazon Music or Spotify, see sports scores, the weather, and access feeds from your surveillance cameras. The remote control allows you to control various compatible connected devices in the house without necessarily having an Echo connected speaker.

Echo Auto at € 34.99

auto echo

Echo Auto usually offered at € 59.99 sees its price drop to only € 34.99 during Prime Day. Echo Auto can connect to the Alexa app on your smartphone and use your car’s speakers through the AUX input or Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. It comes with a support for ventilation grid.

Designed for the road, it incorporates no less than 8 microphones with long-range technology, allowing it to hear you even when there is music, when the air conditioning is on and when the road is noisy.

Echo Dot 4 with clock at € 34.99

Echo Dot 4 with clock

The Echo Dot 4 takes all the characteristics and functions of the Echo Dot 4, except that it is equipped with a clock that allows you to have the time at a glance. The latter is also the subject of a promotion on Amazon for Prime Day 2021. It is € 34.99 instead of € 69.99, a reduction of € 35.

Ring Video Wired Doorbell connected doorbell at 39 €

Ring Video Doorbell Wired on Promotion

We continue with another very interesting Prime Day offer. The doorbell Ring Video Doorbell Wired at 39 euros instead of 59 euros. This represents an immediate reduction of € 20. For its purchase, you also get a 90-day free trial for the Ring Protect subscription.

Going back to Amazon’s product, the wired doorbell features 1080p HD resolution with two-way audio, advanced motion detection, standard 2.4GHz connectivity, and customizable privacy settings.

It is possible to receive instant notifications directly to their phone, Alexa device or Ring Chime when a visitor presses the doorbell or triggers motion detectors. Finally, the Ring Video Doorbell Wired comes complete with installation tools and screws, a quick start guide, and a warning sticker.

Echo Show 5 at € 39.99

amazon echo show 5 speaker

If you want to equip yourself with a connected screen, the good plan that Amazon offers on the Echo Show 5 as part of Prime Day 2021 could appeal to you. The latter is indeed at € 39.99 instead of € 89.99.

Its 5.5-inch screen allows you to have a quick overview of your agenda, your things to do, the weather and traffic information, and cook according to step-by-step recipes.

There are two ways you can control your connected devices: by simple voice command or by using the screen. For privacy concerns, the Echo Show 5 is equipped with a camera cover and a Micro / Camera button (on / off).

Kindle e-reader at € 54.99

cheap Amazon Kindle e-reader

Nice offer to grab during Prime Day good deals. The Amazon Kindle e-reader is a 6-inch format e-reader. At the base proposed at 79.99 €, it becomes more affordable thanks to a reduction of 25 € which brings it to 54.99 €. The Kindle has an e-ink screen with a definition of 800 x 600 px (167 dpi resolution) for comfortable reading in all conditions, even in direct sunlight.

It’s the first entry-level Kindle to feature manually adjustable front lighting that features four LEDs for reading even in the dark. The storage capacity is 4 GB, part of which is occupied by the operating system.

There is a little less than 3 GB left to store your content but this is enough to house at least 1,500 eBooks. On a single battery charge, the Amazon Kindle can last up to 4 weeks with WiFi turned off and the brightness set to 13, at 30 minutes of reading per day.

Amazon Echo Show 8 connected screen at € 64.99

Echo Show 8 in promo

The main competitor of Google Nest Hub, the Amazon Echo Show 8 is also subject to a reduction of 65 euros, dropping its price from 109.99 € to 64.99 €. With a smart plug with a connected white LIFX bulb. it is € 69.99.

The Echo Show 8 integrates the voice assistant Alexa and embeds a camera and a microphone. Thanks to them, you will be able to make video calls, communicate with relatives, watch videos, films or series, listen to all types of audio content, or even control your connected home by voice.

Kindle Paperwhite Smoother at € 89.99

Amazon Kidle PaperWhite e-reader

Nice offer also on the Amazon Kindle e-reader which goes to € 89.99 instead of € 129.99. The latter is waterproof (IPX8 certified), and allows you to use it at the beach, by the pool or in the bath. It is therefore resistant to splashes and immersions in water up to two meters deep for one hour.

The PaperWhite is a compact e-reader with a 6-inch screen with integrated 4-LED lighting. The lighting is adjustable and lets you read indoors and outdoors, day or night. The color temperature is not adjustable.

Ring alarm kit 5 pieces at 149 €

Ring Alarm Kit

The Ring alarm kit 5 pieces is available at 149 €. An excellent deal knowing that it is generally found at € 308. A reduction of more than 50% therefore for Prime members.

Regarding the Ring alarm kit, it is composed of 5 parts including: a base, a numeric keypad, a contact sensor, a movement detector and a range amplifier.

An ideal pack for people looking for a complete protection system for their home or apartment. Finally, this Ring alarm system is to be installed by yourself. They can also be combined with an assisted surveillance and cellular connectivity service for € 10 / month (optional). Do not delay too long if you want to take advantage of it, the parts in stock may sell out at lightning speed.

Amazon eero mesh Wi-Fi system from € 64

Amazon eero Wifi

If you have a house with several annexes or a spacious apartment, the Amazon eero mesh WiFi system may be essential to extend the WiFi signal in these. While it is usually offered at 279 €, you can have it by subscribing to Prime for 181 € or a savings of 78 €. If you want to equip yourself with a single repeater, it is also possible to do it for 64 € instead of 99 €.

These WiFi repeaters (mesh system) connect to your existing modem to provide reliable and fast 140 m² WiFi coverage in your home. Incorporating TrueMesh technology, the eero WiFi repeater router intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering and loss of connection.

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