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It is true that the closing of the Nintendo 3DS eShop will cause players to lose access to hundreds of great games. As much as this is a shame, it’s worth remembering that there’s still time to secure that game you’ve always wanted in your digital collection. I separated ten titles and some honorable mentions that are worth the one given, come with me!

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Match Release year Note not Metacritc
Fire Emblem: Awakening 2013 92
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 2013 91
Shovel Knight 2014 90
Super Mario 3D Land 2011 90
Pushmo 2011 90
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward 2012 88
Pokémon X & Y 2013 88
Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2013 88
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 2015 86
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 2013 86

1. Fire Emblem: Awakening

The game with the most curious story in the entire series, Fire Emblem: Awakening brings elements of time travel, marriages, children and a war that seems to have no end. All this alongside refined gameplay and a soundtrack that’s hard to forget. For the most hardcore player, it is possible to spend 100 hours of gameplay in this pearl.

There’s no shortage of games in the series The Legend of Zelda on the 3DS. Thinking about it, I decided to separate the only one that is still exclusive to the console. A Link Between Worlds features aerial gameplay, a different system of weapons and upgrades, great boss fights and a very charming narrative. It is worth mentioning the incredibly charismatic art.

3. Shovel Knight

In the first phase of Shovel Knight you can see how special this work is. Gorgeous pixel-packed graphics, exciting music and just the right amount of challenge. This is one of those 3DS games that make the player sweat, but always offer that unique feeling of satisfaction. The adventure is so good that it works well on any system, but it has a portable feel to it that fits very well on the 3DS.

4. Super Mario 3D Land

One of the plumber’s funniest adventures landed on the laptop in 2011. With classic-style levels from the series, fun power-ups, and lots of ways to earn lives, Super Mario 3D Land it’s an exciting journey. Among the hero games on 3DS, this one is considered by fans, myself included, as the best option on Nintendo’s console.

5. Pushmo

Even though it’s a 3DS game that doesn’t require much from the laptop, Pushmo is full of charisma and challenge. The game is a puzzle in which the protagonist needs to move blocks to create distinctive and famous images. The first stages are simple enough to grab the player’s attention, but as the carriage progresses, the difficulty increases. In this way, the need to stop and think about your next moves ends up arising.

6. Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

The only game on this list with a much more adult theme, Virtue’s Last Reward It’s the second title in the franchise. Zero Escape. It puts the player in the role of a kidnapped person who is forced to play a game for his life with eight other individuals. If you’ve ever watched a movie from the franchise Deadly Gamesthen you can already imagine what will happen in the work.

7. Pokémon X & Y

The first game in the franchise on 3DS managed to give that breath of novelty that many wanted at the time. Pokémon X & Y introduced new little monsters, an interesting story and new mechanics to the famous series. For those who remember, in Brazil there were even pre-launch events, with huge lines to guarantee the title next to a map of the region made entirely of cloth.

8. Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Spending dozens of hours just taking care of your city and its residents might not seem like a very fun task. However, once you begin your journey as mayor in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, this perception soon changes. Performing favors, gathering items, building things, all this has a much greater appeal than it seems, but it manages to guarantee a lot of fun in this 3DS game.

9. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

The improved version of Monster Hunter 4 arrived on Nintendo’s handheld in 2015 in the west. This 3DS game excels in fierce battles against huge monsters and cooperative multiplayer matches (local and online). The variety of equipment and play styles please any adventurer, but it’s worth remembering that the learning curve in the series is never the smoothest.

10. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Also known as Luigi’s Mansion 2 by fans, this adventure puts the so-called “Mario Verde” on a ghost hunt in various locations such as mansions and smaller houses. Of course, improvements are made to its equipment, the Poltergust 5000, to fulfill its mission. There’s a lot of style to the journey, from the cartoon art to the ghostly tunes that are always playing. Undoubtedly, an adventure worth playing.

honorable mentions

It is always worth mentioning those 3DS games that ended up not making the list. Since I used Metacritic to sort out the best-rated titles, of course I need to recommend some games of my own personal taste. Check out:

  • Mario Kart 7;
  • Yo-Kai Watch;
  • Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth;
  • Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney;
  • Steamworld Dig;
  • Bravely Default;
  • Star Fox 64 3D;
  • Metroid: Samus Returns.

I noticed that I used a little freedom to leave only one game per franchise on the list, in addition to focusing on titles either made with the handheld in mind, or that work better on it than on other platforms.

From this list of the best Nintendo 3DS games, which work was left out in your opinion? Tell us!

With information: Metacritic.

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