The Beauty of Barbie Resilience Is Alive, Here Are 8 Portraits of Amanda Manopo Style and Natasha Wilona – Currently the names of two young actresses Amanda Manopo and Natasha Wilona are soaring. Their faces always paced the television screens, especially soap opera programs. In addition to the talent of quality acting capable, these two celebrities also always steal the attention with his appearance style. Equally being the idols of teenagers, both Amanda and Natasha always hypnotize the audience with the acting they performed.

Beautiful paras and charming appearance make them both more known. Now, the woman who is familiarly called Manda and Wilo does indeed have a million charms that make many eyes fixed on her. The aura of beauty now shines as they grow older. In fact, their appearance is often a role model for some young people.

Equally mesmerizing, here is a portrait of fighting style Amanda Manopo and Natasha wilona which is always in the spotlight. Instead of curious, let’s just peek.

1. Equally Have Body Goals

All women crave proportional stature. This is so that it looks perfect in the eyes of the opposite sex. Apparently, this also applies to Amanda and Natasha. Both of them have a slim body like a professional model. It appears they show off when doing this one photo session. Wrapped in sleeveless clothing, both posing is almost similar to putting a hand on the waist.

2. Bob’s Hair Style and Thick Makeup

In this portrait, both Amanda and Natasha are doing a photo shoot. Both appear on point in the bob’s haircut and thick makeup. The 20-year-old Dara poses without expression in green clothing and blonde hair.

Not much different from Amanda’s expression, Natasha no less stole the attention with a red jacket and used a wig hair. Both of them look more mature with thick makeup.

3. Like a Barbie Life

Unlike the previous portrait, this time both of them looked elegant in their dresses. The choice of hairstyle is wavy, supported by nude makeup both look so perfect. Ex-lover of Christ Laurent seems to decorate her lips with orange lipstick.

Whereas the former of Verrell Bramasta use pink lipstick. In addition, both of them also use brown contact lenses to add a more stunning appearance. Both of them look lively like barbie alive when Amanda and Natasha pose sitting while holding their hair.

4. Glamorous style

Amanda and Natasha’s appearance this time also looked glamorous with the concept of the photo shoot they were exhibiting. Player MERMAID IN LOVE it looked so stunning with a black dress and red cloth decoration that covered her hair.

While the 21-year-old virgin also looks glamorous and thick-eyed. The pose played seems so simple, with a sharp gaze pointing at the camera, successfully making the eyes stunned at them.

5. Stylish Casual

Unlike the previous displays that always show off glamor. This time the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmanda and Natasha’s casual outfit was no less interesting. Both still look elegant and charming by using a simple top that is combined with pants.

Not to forget, both of them appear to use a bag that adds to the increasingly small appearance. The woman who started her career in acting looked beautiful with her hair style left unraveled.

6. Natural Portrait Without Makeup

Amanda and Natasha’s beautiful appearance is often supported by the best makeup. Even so, they also remain beautiful and charming when appearing without makeup. Natural beauty apparently radiates from the virgin born in Jakarta. Both were seen berselfie showing their faces without makeup strokes and a little smile.

7. OOTD Posing Sitting

Do you agree that Amanda and Natasha OOTD are very similar? In the portrait Amanda looks beautiful wearing a zebra patterned shirt with her hair hanging loose. Meanwhile, Amanda doesn’t have to stand up to show her body goals. While Natasha looks cool using a black jacket combined with white pants and not to miss the decoration of successful sunglasses makes her appearance more cool.

8. Appear Stunning Wearing Boots

Boots is one trend that is not left behind for them. in this portrait, they were so charming and appeared confident wearing boots. In fact both of them are so well suited to wearing the outfit. Her charm really always steals the attention here.

That is a portrait of a beautiful young celebrity style contest Amanda Manopo and Natasha Wilona. Having an equally beautiful face and cool talent, who do you think is your favorite?

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